Friday, December 31, 2010

Good-Bye 2010 (and Sunriver...)

Let's just say that Sunriver has gone to the dogs.

I mean, really, Sydney is 85 pounds, not a lap dog, but she doesn't seem to know it:

Baxter is kind of irresistable to everyone, including a sleepy John:

And, yes, that would be Stephie, trying to get comfortable on the floor, as Bogey and Sydney had effectively kicked her off of the couch:

It seems that by the end of our time together, the dogs had finally proven who was boss around the house.

On New Year's Eve, I was determined to stay awake, and as sad as it sounds, it's the first year in a long time that I can remember doing that. I specifically remember bowing out early on the last two years due to massive headaches (isn't that sad?). So, with gusto, I stayed up - and did my best to encourage John and Michael (who were on the fence in their intent) to also stay awake. As it turns out, the entire house was awake at midnight - for sure a first (sheesh, for just Mikayla alone to accomplish that is huge!). We wisely popped in a couple of fun movies, knowing it would draw the guys in to staying awake and paying attention, and sure enough "Killers" and "Day and Knight" did the trick. Happy 2011!

Clean up was actually a rather well oiled machine for us all - helped out by the elf named Travis who took down the tree and decor - and cleaned up the garage recycables all before going to bed. That, and just being the awesome guy that he is, earned him a brother-hug and a picture as we were about to depart. His smile was a little non-existent earlier because he pouts about as much as we do about having it all end....but, at this point it perked up again because we were on our way to re-book the house for the same week in 2011. Until then, adios snowy Sunriver!

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