Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ruthie B's

Another Christmas season means another ladies tea at Ruthie B's. Sadly, as of December 31st, Ruthie B's will be no more. Even though I don't frequent this place that often, each time is very memorable and it will be sad to consider it won't be a place where future memories will be made.

While I was waiting for the rest of the group to arrive, I walked around taking pictures with John's camera - enjoying the fun of the photography. Apparently, I was making the employees a bit nervous, as they thought I was a reporter (given the size of John's camera) coming in to write an article about their impending closure.....Nope, no articles here, just a very small-time blog post!

This was our table - big enough to take care of our group of eleven.

And, then some shots of the lovely ladies in attendance....Christy, Liz, and Nancy

Lisa S. and Amy....

And a group shot of all of us....

Every year, new ladies arrive to join our "pampered luncheon" complete with a gift exchange that can no longer be titled "White Elephant" as the gifts supplied are all too thoughtful and indulgent to have that as a title. Sadly, some of the gals that we hope to have join us each year weren't able to make it too...they were missed. Perhaps, next year, we'll find a new destination and a time that works for everyone....

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