Sunday, January 02, 2011

Theme Song

Time for 2011. We are already 2 days into it, so I ought to start accepting that fact. Sometimes I feel a little intimidation in this first post of a brand new year knowing that it will be the kick-off of the future book that I compile these posts into. Generally, this is the less interesting, less fun and exciting time of year, with less posts and pretty pictures, so when I go back and re-read our books, it's kind of interesting to see that represented in the beginning.

Oh well, as I said in the previous post, it is more than time to start buckling down around here. The house is a mess, my body is a mess, there's still Christmas decor up (which makes sense as we were gone all week), and lots and lots of duffel bags and bins to unload. However, that will all begin tomorrow. Today, we will celebrate one more day of family time by driving up to the outlets and back over to the mall to do a lot of returns. I'm not so sure the kids will see this as the "time of their lives", but we'll have fun nonetheless.

Yesterday, upon everyone safely making the journey back over the snowy pass, we all met up at our house for pizza and bowl games. Upon realizing that my phone ringtones were still "Holly Jolly Christmas" (for Michele), and another Christmas melody for everyone else, I used my time to set forth on the task of determining a new ringtone for the year. I wanted to pick something that could last indefinitely, as perhaps I might feel the need to put on Rascal Flatt's "Summer Nights" on come mid-May, but beyond that, (and the holidays) I don't really want to mess with it. My pursuit of my perfect "theme song" soon became the point of laughter within the group. Travis was determined to "nail it" with something he found - and then kind of gave up and just went for super funny soundbites.

What I ended up realizing is that I wanted my ringtone to somehow "represent" ME - because clearly, when it goes off in public with folks glancing my way, my choice will say something about me. Long story short, I didn't figure it out. I looked at Disney's "Fantasmic" - as that represents such a sweet moment of happiness. I considered the Duck's "Fight Song", but after January 10th, that will get old in a hurry (and besides that, it is John's unique caller id sound, so I didn't want to mess with that). I found the "Hamster Song" and Brayden determined that HAD to be his caller ID song (no brainer, yes!). Of course, the obvious would be a Christian favorite song, but even that was hard, as I prefer a ringtone without words. I looked at old Rich Mullins songs, and Mark Schultz - songs with a happy beat, that would pep me up and encourage (and remind) whenever I heard them. I think that might be where the phone is set right now, but I don't think I'm done. I'm still searching. Eventually, Michael and Travis were pulling up 80's tv show theme songs - "Chips" and "Charlies' Angels" - they cracked me up, but definitely not it either. A movie song that represents me? Maybe, but I haven't thought of it yet.

So, what about you? Do you have the phone doing the old style telephone ring to alert you? Do you have a favorite song? How did you pick it? Do you change it often?

For many of us, this is the last day of the weekend of a break of some sorts (at least for kids). I hope however you spend it, it is memorable and sweet.

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Jodi said...

I change it all the time. I choose a different song for Chad and usually my boss. Currently my ringtone is Rihanna "What's My Name" because it makes me dance. Chad's is "Just The Way You Are" by Bruno Mars. His used to be Adam Sandler singing the "Grow Old With You" song from The Wedding Singer which always made me smile, but they removed it as a free ringtone I guess.

You wanna plan a January pick me up date soon?