Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Facebook 25 Random Things

While my name isn't officially on our Facebook account, John is pretty content to let me share his. So when he got tagged by a friend of mine to do the 25 Random Things - I took the bait. I officially tag anyone of you out here in blogland who has a Facebook account to do that on your Facebook page (or on your blog). Incidentally, I assume you'd find John on Facebook by typing in John Riley or John Joseph Riley - and look for Eugene. You can also find him in the Friends of CCF group that has a Eugene listing. Please come on over and "Request Friendship" and I'll make sure it happens!

Here they are:
1. I am a twin who is married to a twin. We are both the Baby A’s (firstborns), both “technically” fraternal (though my sister and I question the results) – and no, our twins are not married to each other. They both married their spouses about three years before we married each other.
2. I have never “sucked helium” out of a balloon. Although I’m sure it’s safe, the idea scares me…..
3. I can’t stand the texture/taste of a wooden spoon or popsickle sticks. Watching someone lick one repetitively is like fingernails on a chalkboard for me.
4. I have very dry hair. The only reason I ever really need to wash it is because of “product build-up”. I can’t remember a time it’s ever felt greasy.
5. I have incredibly slow growing hair. If I decide to go for a short haircut, I can count on it being at least two years before I can reverse that decision.
6. I have a callous on my thumb (called a tendon callous) that makes my right thumb extra wide. It’s not a problem unless I’m bowling, because I like a very light ball and there aren’t many made that have large thumb holes!
7. I am very influenced by sunshine – particularly after Jan. 1st . Prior to Christmas, I’m okay with the grey-ish weather – it kind of adds to the coziness, but after the new year my attitude can swerve 180 degrees based on sunshine.
8. I really do enjoy horses – and love trail rides. I grew up with them as a constant in my life. However, I have been bucked off, kicked, stepped on, bitten in the neck, and rolled over by a horse (each of these by a different horse- and as for the last one, I was on the back behind my dad and the horse lost her footing on a hillside. Dad jumped off, but I held on, thus being rolled over by the horse).
9. I once had a cockroach crawl down my face while on a Mexico mission trip (while laying down to sleep). I haven’t been back to Mexico since!
10. I have a picture taken of myself with members of the Masai tribe of Kenya – taken on the beach in Mombasa, Kenya. I’m quite proud of that picture and the courage that experience required in my life.
11. I gave birth to my daughter in a portable hot tub set up in our hospital room. Labor pain didn’t begin until my water was broke, at midnight – and 35 minutes later Mikayla arrived. Yes, 35 minutes total of pain. Brayden was about 11 hours and 35 minutes…..and required an Intrethecal!
12. My twin sister and I will often call with the same thoughts on our mind – and often finish each other’s thoughts after one word of the sentence has been uttered.
13. Despite the chlorine and overall potential for nastiness – I am much more at ease swimming in a pool than the ocean or a lake.
14. However, because I was in love, I once jumped into a lake/bayou in Louisiana – we were in the center of this huge body of water, but it still felt like bath water in temperature. And yes, along the sides of this lake there did live crocodiles.
15. One of my biggest dreams is to swim with dolphins. I hope to accomplish this goal in 2010 at Discovery Cove in Orlando.
16. One of the first reasons I was attracted to John after my previous break-up was because of his empathy. I had just been engaged and my fiancĂ© broke it off – he shared that that had happened to him, twice!
17. I rarely eat vegetables. I don’t enjoy them very much and count on a daily multivitamin to supply my needs. Even if they are very low in calories, I consider it a waste of my “joy of eating” to have to eat veggies.
18. I was once the “Head Cook” for the cafeteria in Canyon Village, Yellowstone. That is where I learned the best way to cook bacon is on a large cookie sheet in a 400 degree oven….
19. Michele and I were obsessed with being teachers as little kids. We had class lists, lunch lists, field trip permission slips, etc…. While I found some delight in my stint as a classroom teacher, it never lived up to those expectations as a child.
20. I broke my leg in three places by my ankle in the summer before my senior year. I did it while sliding into second place while playing softball. (I was safe!) I spent the summer in a cast up to my thigh – and had to learn how to walk all over again. For some reason, I’ve never enjoyed softball since then…
21. John and I did not kiss until the words “You may now kiss the bride” were declared. I’m proud of our self-control and for the reasons we chose to do this, but I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it.
22. With that considered, the moment when that happened; “O Happy Day” was being sung by some of our favorite people, and the whole congregation/wedding party burst into applause and “whoops” - that moment was probably the best moment of my life.
23. When I was 18 months old, I contracted a virus that caused epiglotittis, which cut off my ability to breathe. As a result, I had to have an emergency tracheotomy. That scar on my neck sits right next to the scar from the horse bite. It’s no wonder that I like turtlenecks….
24. Probably the best day out of all last summer was the day I hiked 10 miles with my sister. We spent the whole way back praying. To be in nature, observant of the glory of God all around us, and intimately praying with someone who I hold back nothing from – it was amazing.
25. My greatest achievement in life was asking Jesus Christ into my heart. He is my source of strength, of hope, and I pray that my life would be a reflection of His glory.


Growin' with it! said...

aww...great list. hmm, why no facebook account named "stephanie riley"? just curious.

i've been avoiding this tag. i say i'll do it when i get tagged 25times but it's getting closer and i feel like i blab enough weirdness on my blog. why tell it to all the peeps from my high school years who already knew i was a little strange!

the helium? causes headaches.
the "kiss"? c declared that when we started dating. didn't last long after he kept kissing my neck. tmi, i know!
and #25 was my favorite.

StephieAnne said...

Good question as to why I don't have a Facebook page. A person I was very close to in high school was somebody that could "suck you dry"- and I know she's on Facebook. I could log on and keep my maiden name out of the loop, but I'd rather not even make the effort. She tried to get a hold of me 5 or so years ago via email and I just thought it's better to never re-establish that friendship - I did what I could for her in high school and we can call it good at that!

Melanie said...

Great list Steph. I have been trying to come up with 25 things. I'm not so creative. I have looked for you on facebook. Now I see why you are not there. I know what you are talking about, but you can choose to not let her view you. Glad I can spy on you here though!

Anonymous said...

I tried to do the 100 things tag last year and only got to 80 something (on my blog under "About Me") and really I couldn't come up with anything else if I wracked my brain for a week!

I got a facebook account last week and I have to say that I am seriously thhinkng about deleting it. It is so shallow and there are things I just don't need to know about people who I don't keep up with (sometimes on purpose!) So I think you are wise to have your facebook boundary Stephanie.

StephieAnne said...

Facebook is a great tool for us in keeping up with the college students, but that's about the extent of my interest in it.....