Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Very Expensive Lullaby

Before we get to addressing the adventures of the evening, I've put up a few pictures of our adventures in the pool. The kids know that Mommy just doesn't play in the big pool....I don't like the cold water, and I'm very consistent in saying, "no". However, I'm a champ about staying in the hot tub with them!

The rest of the day was spent being, what else would you expect? - pretty lazy. Naps, watching "Miracle on 34th Street" with the kids, and eventually getting ready for the evening. Unfortunately, as the day progressed, so did the realization of my getting a sinus issue/headache. With the discovery of that new pain medicine my doctor prescribed, I've been doing really well lately, so this was a hit. Through dinner, I felt pretty horrible, but fortunately, by the time the concert rolled around, the medicine was kicking in enough to have me doing okay.... Darn sinus infections - I think I hear a universal "amen" about how horrible they can make a person feel and how hard they are to get rid of....

So, here's us at the concert...we had phenomenal seats. We were all the way to the right, but only three rows back, with no one sitting in the seats in front of us. I'm shocked that as late as I got the tickets, these were still available.

First up, Anita Renfro. This was her singing (with her video on the screen behind her) a parody of Carrie Underwood's "Think Before He Cheats". Her version was "Think Before You Eat".... you can only guess just how hilarious (and relatable) that song was!

She was super funny, and Mikayla did a great job laughing and smiling throughout - even if she didn't get it all.....

Next up - Michael W. Smith

The program began with a couple orchestra-only songs - at which point Mikayla fell asleep. Yes, that's right - she never even saw Michael sing.....hence the title of this post, her ticket cost ended up being quite the expensive "go to sleep" lullaby!

Michael brought a choir with him, that reminded me a bit of the kind of choirs you'd see in the sing-off...

This is him singing "Kay Thompson's Jingle Bells" with them - it was so great to be able to snap these pictures without using much of a telephoto at all (this is my point and clink camera, btw).

I enjoyed the experience a lot, but did feel a tad lonely without having any "conscious company" with me. But, it was a memory nonetheless!


Growin' With It said...

he was just here in houston and oh how I wanted to go!! looks like it was awesome. sleeping babe and all. ;o) said...

I wish I was at that concert - I love paradoy songs!
Happy Holidays!

sara said...

I love MWS!! I was able to see him in Michigan several years ago and it was a great concert!

Did she sleep through the whole thing? so funny.