Thursday, December 23, 2010

Adventures in Narnia

Today's Countdown Calendar activity was actually what the kids did with John last night, so we improvised and threw in a movie visit today. It seems kind of fitting this time of year to watch a "Narnia" movie - especially with those last amazing lines of Aslan about getting to know the one in "our world" who goes by a different name, but is the same as Aslan. Way to go, Disney.

I know it's a "crying shame", but no one in our family has read these books. Horrible, huh? But, at least that means we aren't disappointed when the movie strays from the book.

Thumbs up from the whole family. Currently, I'm on the beanbag just beginning the Hallmark channel movie "The Night Before the Night Before Christmas" - fitting, huh?! The Whites are over - pretty darn cozy.

And, this is Bailey...he's Travis' sister's Westie. They are dog-sitting while Brian and Kristen are at Brian's family's house for Christmas.

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sara said...

oh you should still read the books!!! They are so good!

We watched Elf last night as a family!