Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It Is Tradition, Afterall!

One of the things we decided to do a couple of years ago when Michele came down the days prior to Christmas was to take all of the kids to our favorite breakfast place, "The Original Pancake House". Last year, we thought to include Mom on this "take a break from the Christmas-prep chaos" to join us. Every time I go, since the time I was a child and the restaurant was located across the street, I ordered this plate of decadence: Cherry Kijafa Crepes. Mikayla now orders them for herself as well, and while Brayden deviated on this visit, will probably return to this order again too.

We snapped a few pics while we were waiting - I did end up getting one of Traig, but it was so silly and obnoxious of him and Brayden that I didn't even bother posting it.

Let me tell you, we tried about five times to get a picture of the three of us - with the light coming in from the window behind us, it was very difficult.

I like this picture a whole lot more of Mom - getting hugged in a massive huddle by all five of her grandkids. Notice Traig in the back - and what's that, hmmm, yes, I do believe, he's now taller than she is!

I've got to say, in terms of the kids all finding something to order that they loved and "completely polished off" we were five for five. That's always a good feeling when you shell out the money at a restaurant to know it was worth it.

Michele and her kiddos returned to Dallas this late afternoon - and John came home today having completed his last day of work of 2010. He's a very happy camper to have a nice vacation coming his way. As he's just developed a cold/cough - it couldn't have come at a better time.

So, tomorrow - we'll lay low, finish preparing for Christmas/Sunriver...., Christmas Eve - more prep and then church, and then pizza and presents with the Whites, Christmas Day at home and at Mom and Dad's - and then the 26th we'll be en route for Sunriver until the first day of 2011. It's the most wonderful time of the year, indeed!

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sara said...

you know I love traditions!!!

praying your husbands cold doesn't get worse and that you have a wonderful Christmas!!!