Sunday, April 29, 2007

Near Miss

Before I begin with the meaning of the title - here are a few more pics of the best 36 hours John and I have had together since our honeymoon.......
One of my favorite features of the Overleaf Lodge where we stayed....
Preparing to hit the outlets at Lincoln City, posing on our patio, prior to eating at Georgie's Bayside Grill in Newport
This is the place where we had our lunch in Downtown Florence - an adorable little cafe, with fantastic home-cooked food - highly recommend it.

Once again, can't say enough about how great of time we had - it was just amazing to reconnect with John, spending time together to do things we both like - horseback riding, listening to music, shopping, even working out - laughing, deep-talks, and other stuff =)........

So, in reference to the title, we were leaving the outlet malls via the inside hallway when all of a sudden some of the service staff started running down the outside aisleway. We left wondering what was up, and as we saw an ambulance quickly approach followed by a police car, figured it was a heart attack or something. However, as we approached Newport, two more sheriff cruisers had their sirens going heading north - and that sparked a conversation between the two of us that perhaps it was a bit more than a health emergency. Sure enough, this morning on the Portland news channel, they aired a segment about an attempted robbery and shooting at the Springmaid store at the outlets. I guess a teenage boy was shot in the face (serious condition) and the police are still searching for the shooter - crazy!

Then, on the way home we witnessed a pass attempt by a vehicle that came SO CLOSE to causing a head-on. The newer version Volkswagon bug that was almost hit nearly rolled over in their attempts to swerve away from the idiot doing the passing.

So, all that to say, I'm happy to report that I'm now blogging from my home, safe and sound - Phew! Oh, and special thanks to Michele - our kids barely registered that we'd left, they all had so much fun together........

Saturday, April 28, 2007


Myself on "Milky Way", John on "Nougat"
The view from the top of the dunes where we were riding
Playing in the surf

Oh, God is good! This weekend we are celebrating our 11th anniversary - and way back in January, for John's birthday, I gave him certificates to a horseback riding adventure on the beach, and a night's stay in Yachats. You never can figure what you are going to get for weather in Oregon at the end of April, but we were blessed - today is gorgeous, and John and I have never had a horseback ride as thrilling and fun as what we did today.

It turned out, it was just the two of us that showed up for the adventure ride - so they quickly assigned us to a phenomenal guide - sweet and friendly, and "flexible" that allowed us to canter frequently on the sand and gave us an elongated trail ride on the way home. At one point, John and I's horses were racing on the beach - it was bliss for both of us - the faster they went, the easier the gait and rhythm to ride - I can't even explain other than I'm so thankful John enjoys it as much as me. We couldn't stop saying how incredible the experience was..... too awesome.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Here We Go Again

Well, my daughter is only 5, but already she has some of you beat in the scar-story department. Yesterday she added one more story.

Once again, I was not around when this occurred - on a field trip with Brayden without a cell phone. Wouldn't you know it? She was with my friend Amy, playing on playground equipment, went up some steps, tripped, and hit hard at the side of her eye on the corner of the next step. Ironically, this is the SAME place she got stitches with Grandpa and Grandma when she fell into the corner of their coffee table. So, I called Dad last night and told him he no longer should feel responsibility for that scar....

This adds to the scar on her forehead from crawling up her furniture, and the scars on her arm from the curling iron - poor thing. And, yes, the 3rd round of stitches..... This time, we were able to just take her to her pediatrician and do it in office. John was there when I arrived, she was a champ. She's getting good at these things, I guess.

In the meantime, she's going to get one heck of a shiner in that eye, and I think we'll be beginning to take stock in Mederma......

P.S. - Heather, any news on McKenzie? I've been praying for him to come home - if anyone understands the love for dogs, I do....

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Kudos to American Idol

There's a lot that has been said about American Idol - the whole Sanjaya thing, pictures on the internet - but I'm going to put my vote in and say, I LIKE THIS SHOW..... Here's a few reasons why-

1. Tonight - good grief, watching Josh Grobin sing with the "African Children's Choir" - "You Raise Me Up" in an effort to earn money for those less fortunate - pretty amazing. It pulls at my heartstrings even more as I visited one of the homes for the "African Children's Choir" while in Africa. I watched them practice, interacted with them (and ultimately one of their blonde and beautiful directors was the final straw to breaking off the relationship completely with Lance.....PTL) Of course, it can be said that there is so much that could be done for other charities, or on an ongoing basis, but I think for the sake of balancing a show in which people demand to be entertained with a positive fundraising effort - I've been really impressed with the job that they've done.

2. It's not just the beautiful perfect people who succeed in this show. If you look at the contestants right now, yes, they look good, but they aren't all size 2. They aren't all "white". They don't even all have hair! Even among the winners - quite a diversity.

3. The winners have been positive. I'm sure there are plenty of exceptions, but I look at Carrie Underwood and think, "America did good with her" - It's been fun to watch with the kids (we get the shows East coast time so are able to watch them early) - particularly last year, every time Taylor sang, we'd dance with them. Not too many shows you can say that to.

This year, I'm rooting for Melinda, it's hard not to want someone so seemingly genuine, absolutely sweet, and incredibly talented to be this year's American Idol......

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A Couple of Questions LXVI

Thanks for the kind words regarding my last post. The sunshine and schedule that came on Monday definitely helped.....

1. What is something that you swore you'd never do as a parent before having kids, but find yourself now doing (or have done at one point)?

2. Any intriguing stories that come with physical scars you now have? (This is a for-fun question, so please pass if it brings up emotional scars as well......)

Sunday, April 22, 2007

One Lazy Weekend

It's been an "out of it' weekend for me - so lazy, lethargic, apathetic. I barely even got off the couch all day yesterday, slept in 'til 9 today and then took another nap. I think part of it had to do with the really nasty weather on Saturday, but it was just one of those weekends where I kind of wanted to be left alone and looked to simple comforts to provide satisfaction or happiness, which of course were only short-term and didn't really work. (Naps, food, tv, the internet, books......)

I guess something could be said for taking a weekend off, but I've really got to get my act together tomorrow and get back into the swing of things. I am not even happy being around me right now with my lack of enthusiasm and patience...... Hopefully, Monday will bring a new day and a new week of positive perspective and habits.......

Saturday, April 21, 2007

33 Miles

Every now and then I do a little music or product plug - this post is another one of those.

I was getting bored with the music I was using to work-out so I did a little research on the KLOV website to try and find some catchy songs I've heard lately on the radio. I love their search tool so that for people like me who forget the words or can't even firgure them out, you can still usually find the song title and artist. So was the case with the song, "What Could Be Better" by a group I've never even heard of, "33 Miles". I really liked the song and headed to i-tunes, and lo and behold, there it was with their entire album. I love i-tunes so that you no longer have to buy an entire album, but can pick and choose which songs you really like and are actually worth a dollar to repeatedly listen to. However, I found myself saying, "I like that one too, and that one as well" and ended up buying 4 of their songs to put in my 30 minute mix of music. Songs such as "Thank You" - encouraging you to start your day just like that, thanking God for whatever comes your way, and "Hold On", or "Come to Me" -
One of the websites selling their music describes them as a mix between Rascal Flats, Keith Urban and MercyMe - I don't know about all that, I just love the sound, lyrics, and smile on my face when I listen.

Interestingly, as John will be in charge of Mens' Round-Up in 2008, he's responsible for finding the guest musicians. He would love to have Chris Tomlin there, but as he is considered Christian Music's most popular artist right now, a weekend with a bunch of older men might not fit in his schedule. So, I IM'd John last Monday about this group and he loved them, so much so that I think he's going to ask them to be the musicians. Considering they released their first album 5 days ago, they might just not be big enough yet to say no.

So, my advice for the day, check their music out and be ready for a smile......

Friday, April 20, 2007

A Few Proud Mommy Moments

When my kids are together for an extended period of time, they tend to do VERY GOOD together. They must realize they are the only playmates for each other and kick into a special bonding mode. However, when it is only short time spans, like in the mornings (EVERY DAY) or afterschool, they really don't do well with each other. If I had a nickel for every time either one of them says, "PLEASE STOP" (which ultimately escalates into an arguement) I would have their college educations secured.

So, with that being said, I have to acknowledge a few moments this week that they both demonstrated qualities I was proud of - individually, mind you, but still, I have to acknowledge them.

MOMENT #1 - I was driving Brayden and his buddy, Jack to soccer and Jack indicated he wasn't feeling very good. The poor guys had tears in his eyes and after calling his mom we decided to turn around and head back home. On the way home I asked Jack if he his belly felt crampy or if he felt like throwing up. Throwing up was the answer - so I quickly grabbed the Target bag uprfront, asked Brayden to empty it, and had him hand it to Jack. Sure enough, 30 seconds later, the poor kid was filling the bag. Why this earns Brayden brownie points: he was so compassionate to his buddy. The smell and disgust was pretty overwhelming and he didn't complain or comment at all. Instead he encouraged Jack by recounting all of the times he's thrown up- at the toilet or on the carpet, eventually earning a smile from Jack. Good kid, way to be a good friend. I tried to really praise him, it's not that he went out of his way to be remarkable, it's just that he didn't act like he could have, and for that, I was proud.

MOMENT #2 - Mikayla attends an indoor soccer class and absolutely LOVES her coach, Ramey. However, Ramey has been absent for 3 weeks in a row and because I was concerned she might have been fired, I asked somebody there what was up. They said she was down in California dealing with a "family tragedy" and would be back the following week. I suggested that my daughter will have to give her a big hug and the gal said simply, "that would be good, she'll REALLY need it". HOW SAD! I still don't know what happened, but I have to imagine she might have lost a family member. It made my heart ache for her. So, Mikayla, on her own accord, stenciled and colored a beautiful picture for her and upon seeing her yesterday, gave it to her, and gave her the biggest, tightest, longest hug. No questions, no conversation, just a huge hug from a five year old. I gotta think that's pretty good therapy. It was a compassion that only she could deliver, and I was proud.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Of My Own Volition

For anyone who knows my testimony, the BIG turning point for me in understanding Christ's place in my life occurred when I found out that I no longer lived by law, but rather grace. I had grown up a bit misguided in my faith due to the teachings of my grandma believing that every act of "devotion" to God was being kept on some huge Star Chart in Heaven, and likewise, everything I did wrong was being recorded as well. I lived in constant fear that if I didn't read my Bible at night, actually enjoy the Bible Trivia game Grandma wanted to play with us (that I did horrible on without the help of Sunday schools growing up), or confess any known sins, were I to be hit by a bus, I would end up in Hell. As a result, when the "dawn of understanding" came the day after a very special retreat, it was an awakening for sure. The idea that my acts for God were coming from love and not duty was HUGE - and all of a sudden, I wanted to do all those things - read my Bible, learn about God, serve Him, sing to Him, pray to Him - it all changes when you recognize the right motivation.

That has been a recurring theme for me over the years. I find that if something is my idea, I am much more apt to give it all my heart and follow through no matter how long or hard the course. But, the minute that it is somebody else's idea for me (i.e. - being paid to do it vs. volunteering, trying to meet "higher than you'd rather go" expectations of others, or just plain old "do this" orders), my attitude can take a real nosedive.

I think God is working on this with me. Perhaps He's saying, "Even if it is coming out of someone else's mouth, it is still MY request for you, will you please consider doing it on my behalf...." - and I'm not really listening. Instead, lately, I've just been getting really ticked. Ask Lisa, there has been a LOT of grumbling on my behalf lately because I've really been feeling used by people to accomplish THEIR tasks without regard for whether or not I'm on board with it.

The latest of these examples occurred yesterday when I received a letter in the mail telling me I had 48 hours to round up 11 volunteers for Brayden's school carnival. It was supposedly my job because I am the "room parent". But, I NEVER VOLUNTEERED TO BE ROOM PARENT! Way back when, in October, I got a similar email TELLING me I was room parent and what I needed to have done for the Harvest Party. That didn't sit well either, but I grumbled my way through the task. Yesterday, I was livid. I have to give a bit of back-story and say that my relationship with Brayden's school isn't super. I have loved his teachers and really like what I'm seeing out of the 2nd grade curriculum, but I have very little respect for the principal or the way things have been run by the PTC. So, I suppose, I already had a chip on my shoulder going into this thing.

I sent an email back yesterday to the woman who "assigned" me as room parent. I questioned how that was determined and tried to firmly but politely indicate the principals I have above described. However, this morning, I woke up feeling guilty and hopefully softened things a bit with another short emal indicating that I felt like I had been too harsh, I appreciate much work needs to be done, and for the record, I appreciate all of the effort she has put in..... I think that must have been the Holy Spirit working.

As for those 11 volunteers, I spent over an hour last night calling every family in Brayden's class to see if they could help. I only filled half the slots and I guess that will just have to do. The carnival is the night of our anniversary and we'll be heading out of town for the weekend to the coast. I wonder if I'll get fired because I didn't get my job done right, one can only hope.....

Monday, April 16, 2007

A Couple of Questions LXV

First of all, a little over 24 hours before the tax burdened folks will be free! Lisa, congratulations for getting through this season, I'm glad it's been one of your easiest. Feel free to come hang with me while your hubby sleeps 18 hours straight! (He doesn't plan on coming home tonight, will be working through the night and coming home in the morning for just a quick shower before working again....)

So, on to some questions - domestically related....

1. Any new ideas that you've stumbled upon that have helped you in organization, housecleaning, cooking, or anything else that has to do with being a home-manager?

2. Any products that have sprung up that you especially like?

Friday, April 13, 2007

Life Just Ain't Fair

Cuz, if it was, my husband would have walked away the winner of the Body Boot Camp "Biggest Loser" Challenge. Because life isn't fair, a 122 pound, ex UO track star record holder, and current manager of LA Weight Loss "chick" won the challenge. PULEEZE!!!! How fair is that?! Especially, when everyone that took part, coaches included, were rooting for John..... But, 5 meesely points kept him from taking that first place title. Of course, I'm taking the loss harder than John, "Mr. Smiles" is totally ok coming in 2nd place (well almost totally okay). Oh well, there is a whole lot John did indeed "win" - here's just a few examples........

Since January 3, 2007 John's change......

- In body weight: 43 pounds (22 pounds of which was lost in the last 4 weeks during this Body Boot Camp)
- In body fat: 14% (Began at 31% and ended at 17.8%)
- In inches around his waist: 8 inches
- In resting heart rate: 20 points (From 83 down to 63)

Am I SOOOOO PROUD of this guy, or what!!!!! I felt like I was married to a celebrity at the dinner tonight, as enthusiastic as everyone was to tell me how encouraged they felt by John's participation in the camp. (The pressure was on to be the perfect wife....let me tell you.....)

So, I'll end this post with a couple of "unofficial" before and after pics. The first one was of John on Christmas Day this last year - the second one was of John tonight - right before I sent him to bed with 2 Advil PM's as the poor guy is just exhausted...... Given he's been doing 10 workouts a week for the last 28 days and eating primarily egg whites, spinach leaves, protein shakes, and oatmeal........ I think he deserves one heck of a great night's sleep tonite - I think the whole family can say in unison - HALLELUJIAH, we have our husband and daddy back - well, 43 pounds less of him anyway!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Lost Thoughts

No, nothing deep here, as you might have been misled by the title - just deeply impacted by yesterday's episdoe of "Lost". I have to say, I'm going to root for Juliette and believe the best of her simply because I love her as an actress, and after last night, think she deserves an Emmy. So, here's just a few of the questions I've had brewing in my mind today - feel free to ask more, or offer your theories....

1. Was Ben lying about Rachel (Juliette's sis) being hit with cancer again, or lying about them being able to cure her?
2. If they truly have as much information people out there gathering information on the passengers, how on Earth did they find out about Sawyer killing someone the night before he got on the plane - which leads to the next question-
3. Were the passengers all pre-arranged to somehow be on the flight, and were they determined by the OTHERS.....?
4. If women die giving birth (and presumably the babies die as well) on the island, how did Ben end up there when he said he's been there his whole life?
5. Is Jack in on the whole ruse with Juliette? Is Juliette really a triple agent?
6. Where did the OTHERS go?
7. What is their point in having Juliette with the survivors - what is their end game that's supposed to occur in a week?
8. Does Juliette know Goodwin was killed by Ana Lucia, or does she blame the whole group of them for his death?
9. Was Ethan really trying to help Claire?
10. What happened to Locke's dad?

Loved the reunion scene, particularly with Kate and Sawyer - they are meant for each other.....

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I've Waited Three Years for These!

I love lilac trees. I love the smell, but I especially love the big bouquet they make when you bring them inside. At our old house the neighbors on both sides had lilac trees and this time of year I would carefully inspect the fenceline to see if any branches were fair ground on our side of the property - I decided then that when we had a house of our own, a lilac tree would definitely be on the docket for being planted.

So, that's what I did - but the darn thing didn't produce any flowers (I guess it was still a baby....) - but, this year, ah, this year, it produced. And, probably saved it's life. Because, if we ever get around to doing a remodel on this home (which we have plans to do someday) - that tree will have to go - with no pretty blossoms it would have gone in the rubbish truck, but now, I think it will find a safe place someplace else on our property.......And, in the meantime, I'm getting bouquets from my own special tree.....

Monday, April 09, 2007

A Couple of Questions LXIV

I discovered a website where they'll publish your blogs and send them to you in book-form. They are hoping to work with Blogger very soon and this excites me tremendously. I'm thrilled that I can continue to blog away with pictures, stories and memories and more or less use this as my scrapbook - having it eventually published (annually?) - to have as a tangible family "diary". ( Jodi- I know Wordpress is something they already do in case you are interested. Anyway, just a personal blog FYI.....

1. Your choices for dessert on any given day are your favorite version of the following, which are you most likely to pick? Chocolate, fruit pie, ice cream, or cake?

2. Which would cause you the most anxiety doing in public? Giving a speech, dancing, singing, or leading a group? How about least anxiety?

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!

Today I was thinking about how strange that greeting seems - It's such a profound day of celebration and it just seems trivial to say, "Happy Easter".... hmmm, deep thoughts from Steph-

With a very full and satisfied stomach, I can say it's been a very good day for us. Church was wonderful this morning, the kids were a little squirrely, but not too embarassing, great message on grace - thumbs up from me. As for the rest of the day, we'll let the pictures do the talking-

Here's the eggs that the kids dyed, it's been a while since I've done that-

Here's the family - right after returning from chuch-

Here's Mom, playing Lego Soccer with the kids

Here's Ellie, wearing Stephie's boots

Finally, an outdoor Easter egg hunt - Ready, get set, go!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

364 Days Until We Need to Do This Again.....

One birthday party down, now on to hosting Easter..... how thankful am I that our Easter is not going to be a formal occassion, just the Schillings and Mom (Dad's finishing the big project down in San Diego)- and perhaps the Whites. They have all seen my house in it's not-so-best shape, so I'm choosing not to stress one little bit about it, but rather, rejoice that the big birthday party is over.

But, before the party came the family presents time, I wanted to post this picture of the card we found for Brayden. It's the first year I've ever gotten Brayden a card, but I couldn't resist when I saw it, way too perfect. Brayden's response was, "this is cool, (amidst laughter), I'm totally going to keep this..... The inside says, "HAVE YOU BEEN FUN TO LOVE OR WHAT?"

Here's a pic of Brayden with his Joey memorabilia, giving a fake, "I'm so shocked" look.....

So, on to the party - we held it at an indoor soccer facility that Brayden and Mikayla both have played at. They have a party program where they run the show on the field for 45 minutes with their coaches, I figured, by the time all the kids show up, run the 45 minutes, feed them, have Brayden open presents, it'd be a perfect hour and a half. Never underestimate how fast kids eat - I still had to play "p.e. teacher" and run them back on the field for some "Red-light Green-light" and Tag for 10 minutes. I was TIRED!!!!

In all the years I've done a party, we've never had so many people able to come, nor have we invited so many. Lucky us. I'm happy for Brayden though, I think the huge turn-out made him feel very loved. Brayden seemed to have a blast as did his buddies, so there you go, mission accomplished.
Here's a pic of the kids eating their "make your own sundaes" (Brayden's not a big fan of cake)

The hot and sweaty kids at the drinking fountain

Some of the kids out on the field

This is a picture of Allie - Brayden's "special friend" - isn't she adorable? She was the only non-relative girl there, but seemed to have a great time, her and Brayden have quite a bond, that's for sure.

Finally, a special bond has also begun between Mikayla and Brayden's good friend, Jack. We ADORE Jack, so we think their frequent flirting is just fine, it's a very mutual thing between them, I think they've both admitted to having "little crushes" on each other. No, I'm not trying to encourage this dating thing WAY before it's time, but for the sweet thing that it is right now, it just makes me smile........

Friday, April 06, 2007

Birthday #8

What follows are topics of conversation between Brayden and I yesterday:

- What 9/11 was
- What happened to the planes and passengers
- Why the pilots chose to kill themselves
- The names of some of the bad guys we're at war with
- Why we're allies with England when we fought with them during the Revolutionary War
- Why we fought the Revolutionary War
- What "allies" are
- Who our allies were during World War 2
- Who Adolph Hitler was
- Concentration camps, and how many were killed, who was killed, and why
- Why America joined World War 2 (Pearl Harbor)
- How we ended up ending the war (the bomb)
- How innocent people died
- The size of the biggest states of the US
- How close the tip of Alaska is to the tip of Russia
- What countries let you talk about Jesus
- How some countries oppress their women (and what we've tried to do to help)
- What kids are like in Kenya
- Why they liked my hair so much when I was there
- How much the average person makes in Kenya
- Why Brayden's birth and delivery hurt so much
- How Brayden was so big, always hungry, and had a frog belly
- Whether or not Chip and Dale are brothers (twins) or friends (I definitely say twins)
- That Brayden had an increased risk for Down Syndrome and therefore, why we couldn't wait to meet him
- How I once confused my reflection in a mirror when I was a kid for Michele being with me
- How many times I've celebrated at Farrell's Ice Cream Parlour
- The different ways he's celebrated his birthday and which one was his favorite............

How about that - I know I've forgotten a bunch, but yesterday was definitely a conversation-heavy day with my little man. And, I loved every minute of it. Because of John's boot camp and that his knee was hurting big time, the kids and I all slept in Mikayla's room (Brayden on a mat next to the bed). Mikayla fell asleep fast, but Brayden and I just kept chatting - and I found myself thinking of this future post and how fitting the timing of it all.

Eight years old is a big deal to me. There has always been a big mental jump between the 7's and 8's of any decade - and particularly thinking about my oldest getting to that age. In my mind it represents a scary age - he'll be the age where he'll rebel, not want to show love to his parents, want nothing to do with us, and want to put aside any cartoons, childhood beliefs, and special family events for all things grown up and cool. Clearly, I worry about such things. But, one thing I keep coming back to, over and over again - and I feel so strongly I'm going to caps - ALL CHILDREN, HUSBANDS, WIVES, PARENTS, MARRIAGES, FRIENDSHIPS, AND RELATIONSHIPS ARE UNIQUE AND DIFFERENT - AND NO SET OF GENERAL "RULES" WILL EVER COMPLETELY APPLY...... As it is with Brayden. Why I wasted my time worrying is just silly, because, even though he turned 8 today, he is still my most wonderful Brayden.* He hasn't rebelled, goes out of his way to be affectionate in public with us (it was obnoxious the way he wanted to make clear he was holding my hand while I volunteered yesterday in his reading group), desperately longs for "special family activities", LOVES cartoons - particularly the fun Disney ones of my youth, still believes in Santa, the tooth fairy, and the Easter bunny (though I'm sure we're on the edge....), and doesn't seem in a big hurry to grow up. However, I do think he likes to be considered cool..... (who doesn't?) - but, so far, not at the expense of anyone else...... Man, I love this kid.

I remember asking my mom one day what age she most enjoyed parenting us (we were probably 12). She said she didn't want to make it sound cheesy, but she loved each year more and more as we got older. I didn't get that at the time, and frankly, as a parent, I've thought about that a lot and wondered if it could really be true. But, right now, I'm starting to understand, more days like yesterday, and I think I'll totally be agreeing with mom.

* In light of all of this praise, let me make it perfectly clear that I know we'll be having rough times ahead and my son is far from perfect - I think the point is, let me not overly worry about it, but cherish each day we have......

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Welcome to the World Tana!

Congratulations Randy, Colie, and Caleb on the blessed arrival of Tana! It sounds like the experience was much smoother than before...... Praise the Lord. Check her website out here to see some pictures, she's absolutely beautiful! Enjoy this wonderous time!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Way to Go, Brayden!

Brayden recieved this award two weeks ago. I've got to say, this little piece of paper tops all of the trophies combined in his room as far as I'm concerned. This award was earned by one boy and one girl in Brayden's second grade class. Apparently, the teachers of second grade all get together and choose who is to earn a different "character award" out of each class each week. Character traits such as responsibility, citizenship, and fairness have been also coverered. They just began the program, it's supposed to continue through the rest of the year. I'm extremely pleased that the second grade teachers have chosen to prioritize such qualities to study, it's been a big beef of mine that Brayden's school has been way to focussed on having the highest academic scores and not on teaching and modeling strength of character.

So, my son was viewed as highly compassionate. I'm going to be honest, he gets that from his dad - it is not a gift I score high on in any sort of temperament or personality profile. But, Praise the Lord, he inherited that from Daddy - as he did so many other personality characteristics (he really is a mini-John). What a treasure to have tangible evidence as presented by his teachers that my son is kind and giving to those around him, and not one who judges or withholds support because people are different than him. I think I have a lot to learn from my son.

Monday, April 02, 2007

A Couple of Questions LXIII

I love my kids so much, but today is one of those days where I'm counting down the hours until school begins again. I'm glad I'm not doing Hollie's no-complaining challenge, I've been doing a lot of that today. I think I'm in a mood to be selfish, and God is trying to answer those "not-thinking" prayers I've prayed in the past about helping me with my selfishness. I'm getting practice today.

Okay, on to some questions......

1. What are some sure-fire presents that people could give you that would make you happy no matter when you received them? They could be gift-certificates or whatever......

2. What is something that is currently lost in your home that you are sure a gremlin must have stolen, because you can't honestly figure out where it might be?

Sunday, April 01, 2007

"Meet the Robinsons"

Last night we went to see "Meet the Robinsons" at a new theater in our mall. The best part of the whole experience was handing over the 4 certificates I had received from purchasing food I'd buy anyway at Safeway, and thus saving $37.50 on all four of us going to the movie (it was an evening showing and the price was higher because it was a 3D theater). You gotta love being able to work the system like that.

As for the movie - it's not worth $37.50, but perhaps matinee prices. I was very impressed with the 3D effect. Certainly not the red and blue celophane glasses of our youth. It was of the same caliber as the showings in Disneyland. The movie had a great message, with great themes. And, any time our son leaves the theater begging to buy the DVD, we know it's a hit with him.

Enjoy your Sunday everyone, I really need to get my act together and get myself, the kids, and the house put together before church..... I'm still just feeling a bit zapped.

P.S. Happy April Fools Day - the lame efforts at teasing and tricking one another are in full force around here...