Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Things are getting a little weird around here....

Well, its no secret that the two people that know me best in the world are my husband and twin sister. But, lately, I've been a little concerned. Michele (twin) has been hanging out with us while her hubby is hunting and as a result her and John (my hubby) have been spending a lot of evenings together. This is no new news either - except, now they are sharing a new joint passion - every night. John will come home - and wink at Michele - and ever so discreetly say, "Shelly, are we on for tonite?" Now before you begin to think the worst of this normally very kid-friendly home - their joint passion has become SCRABBLE. Whether it is just the two of them, or, (oh joy!) I choose to be a part - or generally any other of the male counterparts of our frequent couples visiting - they are at it every night they are together. Little things are getting weird - here's a few examples:

1. The other day John sported an outfit to see if I liked it - I told him it looked a little "beatnik" for him - he hadn't heard that word before and wanted to know what it meant - I offered my feeble explanation to which he replied - how do you spell it?
BEATNIK - he then says "Good word, 13 points...."
2. Michele and Mark - just for fun, arranging the tiles on the ground of our living room (not while engaged in a game) to see if all of them are there
3. "Kids, tell daddy where we went today" - "to the zoo, Daddy" - "Yeah, I heard - 12 points."

This fad too shall pass - we lived through Phase 10, and Tiger Woods PS2. I haven't lost heart yet.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

My Daughter's Un-Chocolate Chip Date

So, in an effort to be fair, I need to explain what I did with my daughter on our date. She wanted to help me make chocolate chip cookies. But, here's the catch - she didn't want chocolate chips in her chocolate chip cookies. So, we set aside enough dough for her to taste test - and she requested just four cookies to bake for herself (shoot for the moon, Mikayla - why not make a dozen for yourself!....). I'm not sure where she inherited the "distaste for chocolate" gene - it must be a recessive trait from some distant great aunt, but she has it. Oh well, she's almost perfect.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Sly Cooper and My Son

Last Sunday, John and I decided to give the kids individual dates - actually, it was his idea, but as he was taking them one at a time "out on the town" I figured I ought to do something fun with the one left behind too. So, as Mikayla went first - I stayed home with Brayden and asked him what he wanted to do. "Mom, I want to watch you play Sly Cooper".....

"Sly Cooper and the Band of Thieves" is an E-rated video game made for Playstation 2. It was the fourth game I became addicted to, beginning with "Scooby Doo" in 2003, "Scooby Doo 2" in 2004 and then, once we owned a PS2, "Ty the Tasmanian Tiger". Kind of odd for a stay-at-home mom to become obsessed over video games, but it happened - and along with it, I discovered two important truths. Good, fun video games are an escape to me - they are my therapy when I'm overwhelmed and I have a lot of FUN conquering. The second truth is that this addiction has made me somewhat of a hero in my son and his friend's eyes. While playing "Sly Cooper" together he told me that "I was the best player ever, except of course for God and Jesus!". He loves encouraging me, high-fiving me, and waking up to find that I've finally reached the next level...(after staying up until 2 am....). We haven't played PS2 all summer and I'm thankful for it. The summer is too beautiful to waste away in front of the tv, and I definitely wouldn't start a debate that video games are that great a use of time for a little boy.

However, lately, Brayden's been a bit moody and our relationship has become a bit strained in my attempts to correct his attitude, greed, obnoxiousness or any number of other traits common to a 6 year old. So, on a day that wasn't designated for the pool, I pulled out the previously conquered "Sly Cooper" - and began playing again with him. And our relationship began to heal. We were having fun again, mommy and son - co-partners to avenge the evil bullfrog threatening to do away with Sly. And, I remembered again, that this is what it feels like to melt when I'm around my son - and want to do just anything for him because my heart is so overflowing with love for him. I wonder what "Parenting" magazine would say about that.....

Monday, August 22, 2005


What follows are the lyrics to one of my new favorite songs - that sadly, I have only heard twice on the radio - but I love it!!! The band is CASTING PEARLS (not to be confused with another band with a similar title - Casting Crowns -also a current favorite...) So, if you are in the area and hear this song about to come on KLOVE- give me a call and I'll tune in.

Hey weatherman I don't understand
I think you said clearly clear skies was the forecast Today
(but where did they go?)
Well I'm lookin' west I see cloudy skies at best
And to the east storm clouds are headed this way
(look out here they come)

What good does it do me to worry about tomorrow when
It's all in Your hands so where You lead me I'll follow

Everything is gonna be just fine
You know that nothing can stop me now
Rains fallin' from the sky But my day is shining bright
This love has gone and turned my world upside down
And it's gonna be alright

You're givin' up down in the dumps this life's so rough too tough had enough
All Before you get out of bed
(get out of your bed)
Lift up your head my dear friend this tunnel does have an end
And I think I see light ahead
(I see light ahead)
You're wastin' your time no need to worry about tomorrow
It's all in His hands He will lead will you follow


Why won't you just let it go
Stop trying to make it on your own
Yeah you've got something to live for
This is the love that put the stars in the heavens
This is the love that makes this life worth livin'


Sunday, August 21, 2005

Summer in Review

Lofty ambitions
Father's Day bbq's
Shorts and sweatshirts
Fake Tanner
First trips to the pool
Pulling the bikes down from storage
Happy kids

Busy, busy, busy
Fourth of July picnics
Shorts and tanktops
Lots of sunscreen
Pulling the camping equipment out of storage
Tired kids

Regret for what didn't happen
Back to school shopping
Blackberries and corn on the cob
More sunscreen
Trips to the beach
Putting everything back in storage
Bored kids

Friday, August 19, 2005

The Greatest American Hero

So, we purchased the DVD set, "The Greatest American Hero" a couple of months ago and finally began watching it. Sitting in the room are 4 thirty-somethings and a wide-eyed 7 year old - very entranced. Too fun. What memories. I can't believe how many dreams I've had trying to take off like "Ralph" did from the ground to try flying for the first time. Sure, the theme of the show is a bit out there, but there's something about it that I think we all relate to: being asked to do something we feel totally unprepared for, having insight no one else could possibly understand, trying so hard to achieve the impossible, or probably most profound - doing something we know is right - when everyone else thinks we are totally crazy.

"Believe it or not, it's just me...." Happy Weekend Everyone!