Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I woke up this morning, eager to get a pre-dawn hot tub dip before getting the kids and husbands organized so we could depart to Sage Springs Spa by around 10am. However, the experience was quite literally dampened by the steady, icky rain that was pouring down upon us out in the hot tub. It kept up through the morning.

Stephie, Michele and I all agreed that it was a perfect day to be inside and away from windows at the spa, as the temperatures were supposed to stay warm all day, before turning colder tonight and then not rising above freezing until after we departed. Of course, we held onto hope that miraculously we would walk into the doors of the spa facility with rain, and walk out to find the snow falling, but based on the forecast that was highly unlikely. It did give us a point of hope, though, to hear "Sleigh Ride" upon walking in...maybe it was a sign of good things to come.

So, we blocked out the ick outside, and embraced the lavishness of the spa facilities as we do every year. The first 90-120 minutes are spent in the hot tub. How we manage to score that thing all to ourselves nearly the entire time every year is quite remarkable. The ambiance of the desert feeling and "chirping crickets" sound effects is, as always, blissful.

After moving on to the Serenity Room in our spa robes to eat our specially packed lunch (of all of our favorite "normally forbidden" foods) - we were eventually called to our "service" rooms to get each of our individual therapies done. This year, I opted for a deep tissue massage, and boy-oh-boy did "Shawna" take that title literally. It's been way too long since seeing Mom, so Shawna served as substitute today, spending the entire 80 minutes digging into the knots all over my neck and back. Given I had a headache when I walked in - and left with it gone, I'd say she earned her tip. =)

Upon departing the spa, over five hours later, this is what we found:

SNOWTACULAR!!!! Yes, indeed, the unlikely happened, and had already turned everything white. BEST SUNRIVER WEATHER EVER! This is a pic of our home upon safely returning to it after our adventures driving from the spa in Sunriver through about 5 roundabouts to get to our house.

After quickly throwing some chicken enchiladas together, I grabbed John's camera and invited Sydney to join me for a walk to the nearby bridge and back. So serendipitous!

Of course, Syd is the favorite focal point for me with the camera - she takes such absolute delight in this white stuff!

A view of our home - it almost looks like a black and white pic with a little orange sliver - which is the warmth radiating from the window by the door...so cozy!

More snow is expected, and as I already pointed out, the temps won't rise above freezing until after we depart on Saturday....YIPPEE!

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