Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hold on Tight!

I turned this image into my desktop screen...I kind of like it.

Today, the snow has stopped, the sun has come out, and the temps have dropped. It has produced this winter wonderland of sparkly snow.....just breathtaking!

Syd loves it too....I think she will be very sad when we leave. While the other dogs here go out and do their business - and then stand by the door to come back in, Sydney just lays out there, on the top of a snow mound, looking regal. Today, at the sledding hill, she was burrowing her whole head in the snow - must have been sniffing for a rabbit hole or something. Later she was digging it up and eating it. Her delight is contagious..... =)

So, along with a good chunk of the population of Sunriver, we made our way to the ampitheater/sledding hill this morning. (Stephie and Travis opted out as Steph is fighting a nasty cold and Travis wasn't eager to incur the wrath of his physical therapist sis who is the one who treats his headaches....). Fortunately, they do have a limited parking lot, and with a strict policy of no street-side parking in this community, it does limit the total capacity to some extent. Folks were really pleasant too, and worked together to help each other out in lines, and pushing kids down the hills....

John was determined to get this shot - you'd be so surprised how far away he was...he got an extender lens for Christmas. It means you can barely hold the camera these days (it's so heavy), but the picture quality is great (even if you develop tendonitis trying to take them!)

My favorite shot of the whole bunch of these photos (John took over 700 pics took a long time narrowing them down for this post!)

This little girl was FEARLESS today - she rode almost exclusively solo (despite the couple of shots I took with her and her bro and cousin....I couldn't resist the big smiles of those). It was her and this little sled, up and down the hill, over and over again.

Meanwhile, Nati and Mikayla were attached at the hip (literally, at least as far as their position on the sled). Occasionally, they would coerce Michele or I to join them - and almost every time, they begged for Michael to give them a huge push. Michael was "SuperDad/Uncle" today in how many times he pushed kids off..... (and, for the record, Mom, I was very careful and only took 3 very sedated runs down)....

Look at Michael being airborne in his efforts to push the boys off....I suspect he might be sore tomorrow!

As I type this post, we adults are all gathered around, watching the Washington Huskies (normally a huge rival to OSU and UO, but tonight we are rooting for the Pac 10) go for the win in their bowl game. The girls are playing "school", the boys are designing cars on Grand Turismo. It's a whopping 4 degrees outside, but about 75 in here.....with an atmosphere rating of "off the charts" when it comes to coziness and gratitude for each other and this vacation. One more full day, and we've all made a pact (well, at least Michele and I have), to absorb it for all it's worth......

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sara said...

these are awesome pictures!!! I especially love the one of your dog with the snow on it's cute.

enjoy your last day!