Friday, December 31, 2010

For Future Dreaming...

Tomorrow morning, we will head home. On Tuesday, the kids will return to school. We will be four days into 2011 at that point, and life will set forth on its plan of winter routine. The belt will be tightened - figuratively and literally, as we aim to batten down our spending and eating, and encourage the positive habits of budgeting and exercising. By then, this trip will be a memory, but a very sweet one, for sure.

The interior pictures were taken last night, at the same time I was scripting the previous post. It was an "all is well" moment, and simply the "warmth" of the picture color further testifies to just how resplendent this home is and how truly blessed we all feel. This will be the post I will turn back to when I most want to start the season all over and begin again this great season of festivity. But, then, I will be reminded that this season truly unfolded in such a favorite way, I would not want to redo it. So, instead, these pictures will serve as launchpads for the future memories of our experience here next year.

Taken this morning, on a quick circle of our home with Sydney...brrr, it was SO COLD!

Happy last day of 2010 everyone!

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