Wednesday, January 13, 2010


On the night that Julie and Kaela took Mikayla out to see "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs", they ended up hanging out for a bit, just chilling with us and the Whites. At one point, however, Julie and Kaela kind of sheepishly ambushed me to tell me that they were going to kidnap me on Tuesday night to take me out to dinner to show their appreciation for me. With John's support and insights, they knew better than to surprise me with something I didn't see coming - and had already worked it out that John would be home in time for the kids and such.

They explained that it was because they wanted to say "thank you" for allowing them to feel like "part of our family" - and for the cookies and such that had been sent home with them (in my cookie-baking season, which sadly for the mouth, but gladly for the waistline - is not now).

Well, whatever the motivation behind the evening, if the end result was to leave me feeling very honored and appreciated - it so worked. Just knowing that they'd even put a plan in action made me feel very unworthy, but kind of giddy they would care so much to go to such lengths. No surprise, though, as Kaela and Julie are amazing.

The evening was great. I went for John's recommendation of the "best burger in all of Eugene" - I think I'd rank it at second place, but it was outstanding - and the fries.....oh yeah! I think both the girls were quite pleased with their Margharita Pizzas. Kaela said she'd never been treated finer at a restaurant which made me happy that she felt the honor she deserved to feel too.

Conversation was laced with laughs and deep thoughts too. All punctuated by a return to our house and the highlight reel of the "The Bachelor" to watch with them and John.

While it may have begun as "ministry" - Kaela and Julie are way beyond that in our family fondness towards them. They are truly very special friends, and I hope they both know how honored we all feel to have them in our lives - and truly how much they've both ended up ministering to all four of us.



j.nelson said...

smiles from ear to ear. i'm just overwhelmed that you had a great time! Love you Steph.

sara said...

how awesome is that?!! You are truly blessed!

kanishk said...

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