Sunday, January 03, 2010

Christmas with the Riley Family

Another fun adventure with the Riley side of the family! This year, we all traveled down to Medford to Mary Beth, Ali, and Andie's new home to celebrate Christmas. Her home is very cozy, the big fireplace and double set of Christmas trees - along with the delicious chili made for a fabulously festive time. While I think our "Smiles" picture turned out quite nice this year, I think the Riley family actually appreciates group photos more like this one more:

Andie is so sweet (she is just two months younger than Mikayla) - and she loves to cuddle.

And, for anyone who asks where Mikayla gets her blond hair - this is the man - John's twin brother, Jeff. His hair was exactly the same color as hers growing up.

It is way too far and in between that Laura (Jeff's wife) and I get to hang out.

Ali, Mikayla, and Andie - Mary Beth and I got cut out of this picture because eyes were closed....

The proud men representing the Riley family (John's oldest brother, Tom, wasn't here).

With Brayden wearing his glasses on this day, he and Grandma Leona matched.....

This hat was given to Mikayla by Uncle Jeff and Aunt Laura - even though it's a fuzzy picture, I just love the look!

All three of the girls got hats (though I have to say, I totally love Mikayla's the best!)

Following our festivities at the house, our little family of four headed to the local Fairfield Inn to spend the night (we decided there's been just way too much coming and going, and thought we'd give ourselves a good "family time" - and opportunity to really sleep in). The cousins and Mary Beth ended up joining us at the hotel's pool to swim and play for about an hour last night. Great for lots of smiles from the kids - and some great conversation time among the adults.

Thank you Mary Beth for hosting such a fun and much-needed family day!


sara said...

great pictures!!!

wow, you christmas never ends!! :)

It is actually snowing today in AR!! weird! unfortunately, snow in AR = city shut down and city wide panic!

Joanne@ Blessed... said...

LOVE your pictures StephieAnn. Darling, just darling.

You guys are a hoot!