Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas Morning!

"In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there".....

And, guess what, (wink, wink), he came!

(Please ignore the makeshift closet in the back of the living room, where the upcoming vacation packing is going on....)

First up, was opening the stockings - at which time Sydney got a special bone....and then she wandered around the room whining, trying to figure out where to hide/bury it....I like how you see her tongue licking the rawhide in this pic.

On to some present opening, with all sorts of interesting expressions.....
(Yes, Mikayla was happy to get this, despite that silly look...)

Oh, that would be a gift certificate to "Bello" - my favorite local "happy place" to indulge (where I get my hair done - as well as the potential for massages and pedicures). HUGE smile!

Yes, eh hem.....that's a UO Snuggie....he begged for it-

We're hoping this NFL training game will have him ready for the draft in 10 years.....(or at least ready for 7th grade Pop Warner football league, in which there's no ceiling for weight limits.....!)

Unfortunately, John got very little sleep last night - poor guy - hot, cold, coughing....but, he was a trooper this morning and pulled out from his reserves a cheery round of enthusiasm. Following the round of present opening came the family favorite of Dutch Babies, Orange Julius, and Brown Sugar Topped Bacon (because, the Orange Julius and raspberry/Reddi-Whip topped Dutch Babies don't have enough sugar on their own.....), we shared our favorite thankful moments of 2010 as well as what we'd like to "get out of the way" to allow God to work through us in 2011. Then we packed ourselves up and headed out to Mom and Dad's - along the way doing the annual stop at Dutch Brothers for Mom's coffee. Did you know that the Mohawk Blvd location gives their drinks out free on Christmas Day? So sweet...they certainly earned themselves a big thankful tip from us.

Funniest moment of the morning? Opening John's "big finale" present. It was a gorgeous white snowboard-style coat from North Face (that he had scored a KILLER deal on Thanksgiving night while at the outlets). I looked at the size, "L" - which is accurate enough - and then put it on, only to find the sleeves went just past my elbows. Uh oh! (At least you couldn't blame the 'month off' from the gym for that misfit!). Just as I was starting to comment on why that might explain why the item was at an outlet I noticed the tag again and spotted "Girls" next to the "Large"... Ohhhhhhh. Given I didn't really feel like I deserved that nice of a heavy coat, and probably couldn't manage to keep it white, it was just fine with me to be able to laugh about it all and put it in the "Return" pile. John insists (in his defense) that it was in the Womens' section.... =)

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