Sunday, December 05, 2010

Camp Harlow Auction

I've got a couple of blog posts I'm behind on (like mentioning THE DUCKS DID WIN THE CIVIL WAR, ARE 12-0, AND ARE HEADED TO THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME - WOW!!!!!!!!), but I will start with the most recent first, get this uploaded tonight, and then try to fill in some of the missing blanks of the weekend when I get more time.

This evening, we attended the annual Christmas dinner and auction for Camp Harlow. Once again, such a beautiful event - and such wonderful company. However, we missed out on Travis this year as he came down with a stomach bug. Stephie was brave enough to fly solo without him, but sadly I don't have a picture of her to prove it. Thanks for representing Steph, we're so glad you came.

The Leightons and Quigleys were also returning guests to our table of 8, I think it's now an "official tradition" with this group....we enjoy each other a lot.

On to some pictures...John and I were playing around with his camera, catching images of the centerpiece and our table ID card....

Here's the spread of desserts...the one in the foreground in the first picture is my little coconut-lime cheesecake....I'm pleased to say it did not "go last" this time! The final picture is what our table chose - a collection of "bars" from a very popular bakery in town.

Every year we play a "Heads or Tails" game, where you put your hands on your head or your "tail" and predict what the flip of the coin will be. Out of 250 attendees, our very own Lisa was the last one standing - she and Dennis scored a $100 Gift Card to a very classy restaurant in town for her talents. Way to go Quigleys!

A shot of the Leightons - posing, and then another one of Jonna smiling when they didn't get the winning bid on something during the live auction.

Finally, at the end, we asked Jonna to snap a shot of John and I - and were able to get one of her and I as well. I so enjoy her friendship, it's wonderful to have our daughters like each other so much and have each other too. =)

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