Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Happy Ninth Birthday Sweetheart!

OH MY GOODNESS, my youngest-born, my little daughter CAN NOT BE nine years old today! I guess it is fitting that her birthday now falls on this annual ideal vacation - as I spend this entire week trying to slow down time, trying to savor every moment - wishing I could freeze it all and stay in this spot indefinitely....just as I do with Mikayla growing up.

I do take great comfort in the fact that Mikayla isn't really in a hurry to grow up. She's still more than content to be her mommy's "shadow" and her daddy's girl. On a day like today, I am reminded to never take that for granted.

Just as it occurred last year, Mikayla's birthday was blessed with an abundance of gorgeous snowfall. It was - and still is - amazing how beautiful and majestic it all is. What is a bit surprising that as we did the half hour drive into Bend today, they barely had a trace of snow. How I love Sunriver!
We also did our annual celebration at the bowling alley. I'll post the pictures that were taken, but I've got to admit that we weren't on our game with the camera - and at the point when I was ready to start getting serious "capturing" the experience, the battery on the camera died. Oh well, refer to last year's post and you'll pretty much get the feel of the day. =)

Upon returning, the girls retreated to the bedroom to take on more of my "Scooby Doo" game, the boys took over the PS3, the men retreated to the couches (I think at least my hubby napped) and Michele and I took off to our favorite retreat - the hot tub. We finally admitted defeat when the snowfall came so fast and furious that it obscured our vision in reading our books and we began to resemble snowmen.

Ultimately, Mikayla was granted permission to open presents. We brought a special package that Kaela had put together for her - and then the rest were from the group gathered here - a special art set and the "ideal for Mikayla" teacher activity set from the Whites, an American Girl book set from the Schillings, and then "Julie" the American Girl doll from us.

Can't believe how fast the time is flying....not only for this week, but in our precious little girls' life!


kleephotos said...

Yay! Glad she got my gift...and hope she enjoyed it :). Looking forward to seeing you all soon! Have a great rest of the time over there!!

brian said...

so kewl you got American Girl!
I know you are a very Happy girl!