Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wow, Where Do I Start?

It's funny how birthdays go, sometimes you feel especially showered upon with attention, and other birthdays kind of slip by with very little fanfare.

The thing about being a twin is that there's always someone else around to remind you and reinforce the reason to celebrate. So, the birthday rarely gets overlooked, but sometimes it's just lackluster. This was NOT one of those years.

The festivities began yesterday when Nancy arranged to have some of our same-age girlfriends meet us at the park so we could chat while the kiddos played. Kris, Lisa S., Lisa Q, Nancy, and Amy (and Michele) all hung out - it was a gorgeous, hot morning - and therefore a very nice way to start it.

Later, we ended up at the pool, and crazy, I know, but we actually got in the pool with the kiddos! Amy actually had someone take pictures to prove it!

Then......on to today. The actual anniversary of our birth. I'll tell you one thing about Facebook, it sure has a way of making you feel loved and the remarks already on there upon waking up were so sweet. Then, I click on to the blog - and woah.....I sure didn't see that one coming! Nice surprise John, well done, honey - so well done.

Michele and I snagged maple bars with the girls for the boys at camp - and got the opportunity to get some hugs from our long-lost little men. (And, oh BOY, they are having the time of their life!!!). From there, we did a little bit of shopping at Oakway. Michele took the kids into Old Navy while I cashed in my birthday coupon at White House Black Market. When I headed out to the car, Michele had Hannah Montana's "Hoedown Throwdown" blaring with the girls practicing their moves in the parking lot......

From there, we headed home to clean up ourselves as well as the house to get ready for the girls to stay home and us big girls hit Applebees and "The Proposal" at the theater.

Bless Kaela's heart, she agreed to take on our three girls as well as Amy's kids and niece who's down to visit. Apparently, they had a good time - we were just thankful for a little time without having to worry about the language in the movie or kids' menus.

Lunch, the movie and the company were all fantastic. Ryan Reynolds is one of my new favorite actors - he sure impressed me in this flick.
On the walk over from Applebees across the parking lot to the movie, we stumbled across this special parking spot sign. Michele had the bright idea to stand underneath it and take our annual pic there:

Finally, to conclude this perpetual post and indulgent activities, we met up with Mom (Dad is still down in San Diego), and the Whites - and Michael drove down to join us - at Red Robin. Since Travis' birthday is on Friday, three birthday sundaes were delivered to the table at the end.

What more could I ask for? Interspersed through the day were surprise texts, snail-mail cards, and voice messages. Kaela also gave me a photo album that I barely opened before getting misty-eyed. I had to wait until just a little ago to go through it - she put together hard copies of all of the pictures taken of all of the events we've participated in (or initiated) with the college group this year. So special.

I'm truly humbled by all of the incredible words, sentiments, and actions that have made me feel so blessed today. Thank you everyone!

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sara said...

what a wonderful birthday!!!!

you have some great friends and family!!!

I didn't know you were a twin!