Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Rest of Spring Break's Adventures

See those lines on my face?  That's how spring break started for me.  I knew I'd just have Whitley on Tuesday, and Michele would be joining me for the rest of the week, so Monday was the day I'd spend doing things I can't do when taking care of a toddler (or do well...).

First up, a "Deep Tissue Massage" from Bello.  I've never had a bad massage there and have dealt with a lot of therapists.  So, I went with an unknown.  (A little caveat - my mom is capable of blessing me with the traditional massage, but when our time is as limited as it is, it's essential to use Mom's giftedness of "re-aligning" me, vs. her skillset of loosening my muscles).  

Let's just say, "I made a mistake".  The gal was nice, and performed a technique that perfectly fits under the description of "Deep Tissue" - but it was not a fit for me.  She actually managed, while I was on my stomach, to push a rib hard enough to now make it a chronic issue on my right side, to match the rib on the lift that moves out of position if I lay flat on my back for longer than 15 minutes at a time.  I've named that particular rib after the technician.... =(

I should have told her the thumb and elbow pressure along my bone structure was not comfortable and too much for me, but pride and trying to be nice kept me from speaking up.  I paid for it dearly with a headache that came on about 5 hours after this picture was taken and didn't let up until Wednesday morning.  Sigh....not how I wanted to kick off my spring break.  

We ended up working it out with Stephie to watch Whitley on Wednesday, and Michael brought Michele down on Tuesday (van issues kept her stranded in Dallas - I was meant to pick her up).  Wednesday started out with a trip to Mom's to have her get me closer to 100% - and Michele goofed off with Whitley out there while I was getting worked on.  

Back at home, we had a little demonstration of Whitley's skills as "Sheriff Callie" using my robe rope to lasso Sydney.  Pretty entertaining, but it took me about a month to find that rope again!

Later that afternoon, we all took a walk down to Creekside Park.  We pulled out all the stops with Whitley:  bubbles, sidewalk chalk, and sand toys.  Of course, attention from Aunt Stephie and Aunt Chele was her favorite.  =)

On Thursday, we rejoined with Mom to celebrate her birthday with a local hike.  It was a hike I'd been on before, but it was new to both of them, and they both discovered - as I originally did - just how marvelous it is to have access to this sort of "wilderness and beauty" right on the city limits.  

It wasn't entirely primitive forest though - as this gnome made an appearance.

We polished off the hiking experience with a reward from a local fro-yo shop.  Another first for mom as she hadn't actually yet visited a fro yo place where you heap on your own toppings.  I think she was pleased.

I made a commitment to Michele that we would not be wasting our exercise time on pavement or ellipticals this week, but instead we'd be getting out in the wild.  But, with other things on our agenda (like Disneyworld prep shopping), we opted to stick close to home.  This time, we headed east of where we live - towards our high school stomping grounds in the Thurston area.  

It took some traversing to get there, but the views were amazing....

And, the trail definitely improved the higher you got.

We saw views from either side of this ridge.  I was a little concerned/impressed with the drop off on this side...

One view shows the Goshen area, where the other gives a view of the Thurston community.

On Friday, Michael and Baxter joined us.  As previously mentioned, we hit the lake on Saturday.  That evening, Baxter was eager for my attention.

And Nati and Brayden were IN A MOOD.  Oh my goodness, so silly!!!!!

On Sunday, the kids went out on their own - hitting the Delta shopping area, getting Subway, and Jamba and returning to Gilham Park to meet up with Ashton - and yes, even get some ice cream from an ice cream truck.  

Finally, Sunday night, Brayden was again in a mood and would not leave me alone.  He even chased me into the bedroom and insisted on taking a selfie while I was in bed....seriously, what an otter.  But, so good to have his playful spirit back after a week without school!   We all definitely felt refreshed - and all longed to have spring break just keep going...

On the Lake (IN MARCH!!!!)

We haven't done a lot of advertising about it, but we ended up with a new boat purchased in January.  However, there were a lot of hang ups with the poor thing that was transported to us from North Carolina.  In transit, the tower slammed into the dash and forward seats, needing repair.  And, then, while it was being repaired, the folks at the repair shop had another mishap and some of the same stuff ended up needing repaired again.  (All cosmetic stuff).  As bad as it all sounds, the second round of issues were actually a blessing as it kept us from having to find storage for it in February and actually reduced the repair costs from our pocket as the company had to repair its own damage.  I wonder how many boats have seen so much repair work before they've ever come in contact with water!  

Needless to say, by the time we got it in our possession, John was just giddy and could hardly wait to test it out.  So, when the weather looked like it might be "not freezing" on the second weekend of spring break, we encouraged the Whites and Schillings to join us out on the lake. 

And John was very happy.  

The outside air temp was literally about as cold as the water temp.  And, that is FREEZING when it comes to water temp.  (A hot tub usually hovers around 102 degrees for the sake of comparison).  If you go back to the top pic, in the distance you'll see the ramp that is totally dry docked (for lack of rain, but mostly just because this reservoir is kept lower in the winter), and then you'll see a person in the water.  Poor Travis was the man to wade through the water to get the boat on and off the trailer.  Hero status, dude.  

While we were waiting, Brayden thought he'd soak us some rays.

And send out this "Snapchat".

The girls were pretty happy too.

Whitley LOVED the boat - and all of the things to play with and get into.... 

Lots of waiting around while new things were being figured out.  Brayden thought he'd pose with me and his PB&J.

This guy was happy too, despite the fact that his extra sensitive hearing was picking up some high pitch static from the speakers and he had to position himself in the best place to avoid that.  Another thing on the list to fix.

There may have been streams of sunshine, but it took a lot of effort to try to keep warm.  

Gonna be honest - I struggle a lot in the physical comparison game with Michele (we're's expected) and this shot of those arms....ugh.  ;)

This was the time I was SO THANKFUL for the previous purchase of a full body wetsuit.  Seriously, besides my hands and feet, it wasn't so bad.  I was determined to be the first one to give our "Boat Surfing" option a try.  

And, I did it!  But, neither Travis or myself were ever able to drop the rope without sinking.  We now know there needs to be a lot more weight in the "fat sacs" to create the wake to surf on.  Next time, we'll get it figured out!


There was no need to figure out the boarding though....Travis has it down.  And, how awesome for Whitley to get to watch her daddy do all of his tricks!

Both of our boys jumped in the water (independently) expecting to take their turn to surf or board, and within seconds were back in the boat freezing.  It was brutal - I don't know how Travis did it - especially as lean as he is.  Michele took a turn skiing - and was in her blissful state too (though she had a short wetsuit on).  But, the kids did manage to enjoy some time on the tube - and again, Whitley loved watching. 


Cool closing pic by Traig.  I have a feeling there will be many a story said in the future that begins with, "Remember that time we took the boat out in MARCH?!!!!!".  Perhaps not an ideal run, but certainly memorable and special!