Friday, December 17, 2010

Done with the Attitude....Thanks for Bearing with Me!

This is a picture of where we are all at right now....actually I'm currently sitting on the other side of Mikayla:

We're currently snuggled in the king size bed of the Fairfield Inn in Lake Oswego. Yes, the kids will get kicked out of this bed once it's time for us to really get some sleep. But, in the meantime, Mikayla's getting a headstart, and Brayden's getting a tutorial on "Photoshop" from John as he attempts to transplant his face into LaMichael James' image from last week's Sports Illustrated. =)

I had a super fun day today with "my fifth graders".....No, they aren't really mine, but we've done plenty of bonding - and I certainly feel comfortable with them, especially as we navigate the day before Christmas break, that was anything but routine. I brought some crafty stuff to have them make presents for the class of first graders that are their "Study Buddies" - they each made a card, we popped in a candy cane, and they used my stamps and snowflake confetti to design a gift bag for them. Later, we played Silent Ball, participated in a school-wide Christmas Sing-a-long (SO FUN....finally, an opportunity to actually celebrate it's more than just "winter vacation"), did a read-in, and solved logic puzzles involving reindeer, elves, and Christmas tree decor. The day ended with a "party" - because the rest of the day wasn't a party at all, huh? Oh yeah, and did I mention the whole school (including, I'm pretty sure - the ENTIRE teaching staff) wore pajamas and brought their blankets and stuffed animals today?! Yes, I dressed up too (a chance to wear pj pants and slippers all day in the comfy is that?!) - and even brought Mikayla's "Candy Cane" webkinz and Brayden's bear dressed up in his Santa costume to help me teach today.

Here's is a pic of two girls in the class that opted to stay in during recess to hang out with me, er, I mean, color. =) They are just as sweet as they look.

And, a shot of the little gift bags we made. I think those first graders felt very special when the big fifth graders came in to give these to them.

And, speaking of gifts for little ones, earlier in the week, the Countdown Calendar activity was to make jars of "Reindeer Food" to give to Stephie's nieces, Hannah and Abby. I found the activity online as well as the little poem to go with it....The kids put it together in no time flat - it was super, super fast and easy and pretty darn cute!

So, as for the "right now" - we are up in Portland for some very special dates that are set to happen tomorrow night. Michael W. Smith has his Christmas concert up here tomorrow night, and back in September, upon hearing the advertisement on KLOVE and realizing I just couldn't miss out, I purchased tickets for Mikayla and I to attend. (I consulted John first and verified that it wouldn't be worth the money for he and Brayden to go). Anita Renfro is his opening act - talk about the ideal combination made for me! The only bummer is that I don't have a girlfriend my age to laugh at her comedy with....Mikayla will have to just fake it and laugh with me, even if she doesn't get it all. =)

I think Brayden and John are going to give Safari Sam's a shot tomorrow night. I suspect it will be a much different atmosphere than what Michele and I experienced with the kids last June during the middle of a school day. But, John and Brayden will end up getting a kick out of life no matter what it looks like...they like to go with the flow and they'll undoubtedly have a great time.

Prior to those evening dates - our plans for tomorrow include.....nothing! Well, I suspect we'll be heading downstairs to go to the indoor pool, and we might leave the hotel long enough for our room to be cleaned, but that's about it and we all couldn't be more delighted. Finally, an opportunity to read those books I've been excited to snuggle up and pour into, but have had way too much on the "to do" list to feel like I could.

Whatever is on your "to do" list this weekend, I hope you find great delight in it. Happy last weekend before Christmas!


Ladybug grandma said...

A Big Thank You to Brayden and Mikayla for the Reindeer food. It is so cute. Mandy and Rick have it packed for their trip to Eagle Crest tomorrow. They will be there Christmas Eve and will return home Christmas day. They will Love it. It was so sweet of them to make it and think of them.

StephieAnne said...

It just killed Mikayla not to be able to deliver it in person...she (they) think the world of your two granddaughters!