Friday, December 10, 2010

A Fun Night of Bowling and Blizzards!

As is the tradition, the Meyers, Quigleys, Schillings, Whites and Rileys met up at Southtowne Lanes for our annual bowling adventure. Sadly, Michele and I were the only wives represented. Lisa Q. was working (she's a part-time Pier One employee these days), Stephanie got the cold that kept Travis absent from the Harlow Auction, and Amy was laid up with a nasty migraine. =( At least we made the guys feel better for any of their lower scores this round by being even lower than them. (Particularly Michele, she had her worst game was kind of amusing!)

Mikayla, Erica, and Christina all have birthdays within about 5 weeks of each other. Since everyone goes to different schools, we decided to honor their birthdays with each other on this evening (so they won't feel like the odd ones out in the more school-related parties). It's so great that they continue to stay such great friends every time we get them together.

John probably said "tonight was just what I needed" or "I had so much fun tonight" at least a half dozen times this evening. Nothing like the blessing of quality friendships.....

Mikayla beat both John and I's score this evening by reaching 101. Yes, she had a bumper, but by far, this was her best game ever. I caught her checking out her score on the monitor in this pic. The one below is probably Traig having a talk with her because he was a little bothered she was beating his score too!

More pics of the kids in action:

(I like this one of little sis Christina having a conversation with big brother, Andrew):

Finally, a set of pictures of Michele. As I had the camera tonight, and was busy snapping away, she found other ways to keep herself entertained......

So, with all that going on, I had to be fair and get a picture with at least Michael....=)

and then, (of course), with Michele.....

Following bowling, we all headed over to Dairy Queen to have the girls exchange presents and get some treats. Michele and I were thrilled to see the Peppermint Chip blizzard return to the menu....oh, so good!

So, I'm in agreement with John - what a great night!
(But, it would have been even better if Lisa, Amy, and Steph would have been there!)


sara said...

I didn't see one picture of your son...did he make it? Looks like a GREAT night of fun!!!

StephieAnne said...

Oh, wow - didn't realize that! I'll have to go back to the pictures on I-photo and snag one of him to put up. You're so good, Sara, to notice that! Yes he was there....and I'll be sending a special prayer your way to accomplish all of the things on your to-do list today!