Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Seven Years Ago

Once Michele gave birth to Traig, John and I were goners. We had to figure out how to make one of those babies too. It took a little practice, but somehow we got the hang of it. In fact, the first time we uttered, "do we really need birth control tonight?" - simply the question alone got us pregnant. I remember, two days prior to my birthday feeling so irritable, I had to take the test just to make sure nothing was wrong. (I planned on waiting for my birthday). So, at 2am, John and I discovered we were to be parents.

My pregnancy was actually very smooth. I gained weight accordingly, felt the baby move at the right times, had severe heartburn, but faced no other concern until the Triplescreen test. It was then that we found out our chances of having a child with Down Syndrome were 1 in 112. Those are pretty good odds in our favor, until you sit in a football stadium with 50,000 people and realize how many would be born with that condition...... It was hard. I insisted that I have a mirror available during delivery so that I wouldn't be the last to know if indeed something wasn't right with our firstborn....

The days flew by, but not fast enough. I was teaching at the time, and decided at one point that I'd put in enough time, if he came early it would be okay. But, he made no move, so I lasted until spring break, when my maternity leave was set to begin. Spring break came and went. So did Easter - and my mom's birthday, the day AFTER he was due. Still, no sign, other than a day or 2 of Braxton Hicks - but they all went away.

My doctor seemed to be in no hurry, which was unfortunate, because I was - I couldn't wait to meet our son. Finally, on April 5th, my doctor decided to induce me (10 days past the due date). Then, the pain began, and the progression was almost non-existent. If anyone ever tells you that the more painful the contraction, the more you dilate (to eventually get to that magic 10 cm.), I can attest, they are wrong. We waddled through the halls, tried the bath, leaned on the bedpost - and finally I remember just laying in agony on the bed. By the time dawn arrived, they decided to give me that drug that "takes the edge off" (I can't remember the name) - it just seemed to do the opposite. I requested no one talk, it took away from my concentration - and watched my mom cry because she knew I was hurting so bad. I think I was at 5 cm.

Michele, bless her heart, pulled John aside and encouraged John to encourage me to take the Intrethecal (similar to an Epidural, but only numbs the interior organs). She knew I was really trying to go without, and needed to hear John tell me it was okay to "take the drugs". I said "yes" - the anesthesiologist arrived, and after waiting out a contraction, "gave me the drugs".

Oh, what a transformation. Instantly NO MORE PAIN (he actually gave me a little too much, I couldn't even feel the pressure of the contractions....). I sat up, greeted my guests, put on make-up and did my hair. We laughed, read the parents' material and my body rapidly decided to cooperate. I progressed fast, and with the help of the monitor, figured out how to push my "little man" out in a half hour. (Not bad for a 9 and 1/2 pound baby who was facing the wrong direction, hence the "back labor"). The next day I figured out just how big his head was compared to normal (15 inches), so I guess that says a lot about my doctor that it went so smooth.

Upon seeing Brayden, tears were shed and John went to his knees beside me in praise over God's perfection embodied in our precious, innocent baby boy. We were in awe and yes, we still are.....

Seven years ago, this all happened. Unbelievable how time flies. We continue to find new reasons to fall in love with our "little man" and are so proud of him. Do we still think he's perfect? Well, let's be honest - none of us are. But, he's perfectly who God made him to be, and we are so blessed to be his mom and dad. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRAYDEN!


stephietoo said...

Yes, Happy Birthday Brayden! Travie and I love you so very much, as if you were our own child. It has been amazing to see you grow from that little baby who said the cutest things, "Yeeha Cowbee!" and, "I am going to cut you two pizzas" and who could forget, "Pie Time" (Once upon a time); into the little boy you are now. Man, we love you so so much! Travis and I are so blessed to have you in our lives and we wouldn't know what we would do without you.

Happy Birthday Little Man! You are so loved!

HollieHobbie said...

Happy Birthday, Brayden! The best part of the story is how your Dad reacted when he saw you "in awe and praising God". You have two very special parents, Sweet Brayden. xoxo

amy said...

Such a cute picture of Brayden. I love the sunkissed happy-go-lucky look. What a special boy.