Wednesday, December 08, 2010

"Tangled" Round 2

Like I said before, I loved the movie "Tangled", so last night I coerced our Tuesday night Bible Study to go see it for our final meeting of 2010. It was a pretty festive night as we all crammed into the "Swagger Wagon" (my van), watched "A Chipmunk Christmas" on the way over, got our concession stand treats, and watched the Disney Flick in 3D (I think this was the first 3D viewing for at least one of them). Kaela was being a stinker in choosing not to wear the glasses for the picture, which is why my camera caught Courtney trying to keep them on her face while we posed.

We returned and caught the "Glee Christmas Special" and then sadly bid each other adieu until our next official get-together in 2011. I am quite hopeful, though, that we'll keep each other updated about all of the December going-ons - and perhaps find a way to see each other too. These ladies are so dear to me.

These pics were snapped by Kaela and put on her blog - I thought it would be fun to hold on to the visual memory of the little presents I put together of Russian Tea for the girls....just trying to pass on a little "cozy".


sara said...

I received a FREE ticket to tangled after purchasing something on Amazon! So I am going this weekend and can't wait!!!

btw, don't forget the cookie exchange today!!!

StephieAnne said...

I would have forgotten, I've been lost in my own little world of wrapping! Thanks for the reminder!