Saturday, December 04, 2010

On Thin Ice

First of all, thanks for the love, Lydia - regarding my last post. The whole headache thing is generally something I have to be mindful of, but with diligence is pretty manageable and not something terribly discouraging. But two "monsters" in two weeks kind of put me over the edge. Fortunately, yesterday, I met with my doctor and she prescribed a new "remedy". It's not a narcotic pain-killer (which is always helpful to avoid) and after two days of trying it when pain has come on, I'm very impressed. It makes me a bit hyper though, which at this time of year is a positive - so, I'm feeling very encouraged. =)

So, yesterday, Brayden and Traig had the days off from school. Our girls, however, had school scheduled......but, their mom's had other plans for them. That's why, at about 9am, my kids were in the car headed to Dallas, and then by 11:30, all 5 of them were in the car headed to Lloyd Center in Portland.

This is the view of the roof of the mall from the skating rink...yes, that would be our destination on this "appointed day off".

Michael was able to join us, which is ironic, because he was the one that got left out last year when John, Travis and Stephanie joined us, and this year, they were unable to join us.

My kids have really picked up the skill this year....Mikayla even asked, "Is ice skating a sport? [Yes] - Well, then, I want it to be my sport!"

Traig is at that age where he's not too keen about cuddling with mom in public - it was like pulling teeth to get him to pose. =)

These two - double trouble for sure! Just last week we recognized that Nati has just barely surpassed Brayden in height. Sorry buddy....(and she's a year behind him in age, too!)

No, we did not plan on dressing alike!

This picture was taken from a ways away - we let the kids go down to the bridge that goes over the ice rink and yelled at them to pose by the rail. Mikayla was scared of being near the edge - and Brayden was trying to push her over there. I predicted it, as we were watching the scene unfold - that Mikayla would get upset and start crying. Sure enough, she did - and sweet Traig is pictured here giving her love and support.

On the way up to Portland, we left Michael's vehicle at the Outlet Mall in Woodburn. On the way home, we let Michael take the boys and Ellie home, while Michele and I took our time with our two oldest girls shopping at the outlets. They were in great moods while we were there - Michele pointed out that it reminded us of that first night in Magic Kingdom (Disneyworld) when it was just us and them.

When we arrived, we took pictures of them in front of the huge tree out front - and then, right before leaving, we had them hop in the sleigh to take some pics. Too cute!

It was really an OUTSTANDING we are already penciling in to repeat for next year. (Though we are going to have to do better about getting the "whole gang" to join us). Today, at 12:30, is the Civil War. One family will end the day a little down about the outcome, which is unfortunate. I'm going to go out on a limb in prediction that it won't be us.....but, you never know during the Civil War! Hopefully, it will be a game where everyone gave 100%. GO DUCKS!


sara said...

What a fantastic day!!!

I have to say, Traig may not want to hug his mom in public, but it is pretty awesome that he would hug his cousin in public!!!

StephieAnne said...

Yup, he's got a heart of gold...he just likes to disguise it now and then!