Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Tuesday Night Ladies: Fro Yo and Waxing!

Yes, you read that right - those were the activities of the night. In celebration of Heather's birthday this week, it was her night to decide. She had originally hoped to have us all hike a local hill/mini mountain called Mt. Pisgah. It will undoubtedly happen at some point this summer for us all, but yesterday was not meant to be in regards to weather. At one point, while driving home from subbing, I experienced a torrential downpour unlike any other I've driven through...pretty scary!

So, with that sidelined (with a literal "raincheck"), we proceeded with Heather's other wish - a trip to "Yogurt Extreme". On a bit of a side note, this whole frozen yogurt popularity thing cracks me up, because everyone now thinks it's such a brand new idea - and yet, back in the 90's, there were frozen yogurt places all over - and then they phased out. I guess the "new and improved variety" have MUCH MORE options, which may be the brand new appeal. At any rate, this might just be my new favorite place to splurge - with 8 different flavors that change each day (I think over 2 dozen to choose from) including Mounds and Cookies and Cream....and, oh, the endless toppings (chocolate covered gummy bears, fortune cookies???? Oh my!):

The great thing about last night is that everyone was able to come. Woo hoo!

As for the second half of the day, we returned to Christi's parents house. It is so lovely, up in the hills, with a light and airy beach theme throughout. We ended up watching "Morning Glory" on their "Apple TV" - and.....everyone but me went under the bright light to have their eye brows, and upper lips waxed. Susanna is an aesthetician who also works at Bello (along with Christi who does my hair). She very generously volunteered to share her talents with all of us, what a sweetheart!

Just another example of how much we love each others' company no matter what we do. A direct quote from Courtney: "Remember how at the beginning we were all super nice and polite to each other? Now that we're all comfortable with each other, we can say it how it is!" - And trust, me, that's a VERY GOOD thing! =)

(Thanks to Kaela for the pics!)

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