Thursday, June 09, 2011

Gilham Triathalon

One of the coolest things that our kids' elementary school does, is a mini-triathalon available to participate in for 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders. It usually happens the week before school gets out, in hopes that the weather would be somewhat warm (but I'm not sure that in the 4 years my kids have participated, it's ever happened on a warm day - much less non-rainy).

Wednesday was the day this year - and while it was a bit overcast and semi-chilly, it was probably one of the best days I've seen for this event. This was Mikayla's first year, and she took it seriously. She had asked Stephie (who is a "Master Swimmer") to give her one-on-one instruction in the pool to help her technique, mastered her gear shifting on her bike - and has participated in the once-a-week jogger's club about 50% of the time this year. =)

I did not volunteer to help on this one - I had other obligations, but I was impacted by the event, in that the traffic was very much hampered to get out of my neighborhood by all of these guys:

Of course, I was more than thrilled to be delayed knowing it was such a cool opportunity these kids had. Those who opted to participate left the school on their bike, rode about a half mile to the Eugene Swim and Tennis Club (where I work out), swam 4 laps, rode their bikes back, and then ran 3 laps around the track. Not only were there parents within sight throughout the whole journey, waiting at each block and being there for assistance at the pool, but there were also 4 police officers assisting on their motorcycles with the event. SO GREAT!

Awaiting their turn to take a swim (her friend Ellie is behind her):

Here's one of her running, with Kenady beside her - and then more poses of the two of them by themselves and in the midst of the whole crew of participants.

Way to go Mikayla and all of the Gilham Tri-athletes! With all of the budget cuts our district is facing, I'm so thankful this is one event that is still part of the tradition at Gilham.

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