Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Courtney's Tuesday Night

When the point of discussion came up regarding what we'd do as a "Tuesday Night Ladies" group during the summer, I was a bit taken back with how vehement the ladies all were about continuing to meet. It warmed my heart in a HUGE way. However, it opened the door to proceed with two goals I had for the group: 1) Encourage each gal to step out in faith by picking a night during the summer and "leading" it & 2) Give me a break from doing the "decision-making" myself. I sure don't need a "break" from the gals, oh how I love them, just a little time-out from having to determine where we'd meet, what we'd eat, and how the get-together would glorify the Lord. =)

So, last night was Courtney's night. Unfortunately, over half of our group were not able to make it, which dwindled us down to Kaela, Elaina, myself and Courtney. I'd dare say that during a "typical meeting" these three would be the quietest - often sitting on one of the couch's together and doing a lot of listening vs. talking. So, it was fun to get them together and be able to have the focus turn more their way. (Which, I probably still monopolized...oh well).

Courtney had us meet up at her (mom's) house - atop a hill on the south side of town. I passed by their house on the way up and stuck my camera out of my sunroof on the way back town to take this shot of the view.

Little did I know that Courtney's plan was to have us walk about a block from her home to a roadside ledge giving us just that same view.

She packed picnic blankets, panini sandwiches, fruit, carrots, and hummus for us to dine on as we shared the gorgeous view and stories together.

Unfortunately, Kaela suffers from seasonal allergies (as does Mikayla) and right now the grass pollen level is VERY HIGH, so before Kaela's eyes went into permanent tear/itch mode, she asked if we could take a group shot and then head back indoors.

This is Courtney's home - check out that (vertical!) doubt that's one scary obstacle during snow and ice time! I think I can actually feel the back of my calf's burning this morning from the walk up it just twice last night! Inside the house was super cozy - and we spent the rest of the evening glancing at "America's Got Talent" while perusing potential move-in locations for Courtney when she heads to med school in Portland this fall. We'll miss her so much!

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