Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Welcome Summer!

The first day of summer was indeed a memorable one, though it sure took it's time getting started. I find myself ridiculously influenced this time of year by whether or not I wake up to blue skies and sunshine (especially if it's been predicted). The valley where we live is notorious for its marine layer of clouds in the morning - particularly in June - that literally suck away my joy when they're blocking my view of the sun. Such was the case on Tuesday, when the weather was predicted to be in the low 80's (warmest prediction so far) - and instead we're bundled up in hoodies.

By noon, we ventured to the pool on faith that the clouds would dissipate - and eventually, they, along with my bad attitude did. It helped to be hanging out with Amy, Christy, and another mutual friend, Sarah - who all felt the same way I did. I'm choosing to blame those hit and miss clouds for my stupidity too - I never applied sunscreen and consequently, the left side of my body is quite lobster-like as it was that side that faced the sun as I faced Amy. The kids also got a bit too much color - bad mom, bad mom, bad mom. (No HORRIBLE sunburns, but I still feel bad).

Christina and Andrew ended up hanging out at our house for a while - until Andrew had to leave for a lacrosse camp. I love that when Christina and Mikayla get together, there's no talk of boys, or girl drama, they just play. I think it helps that they go to different schools so when they get to be together, they treasure it.

As we are supposed to have all of the "Tuesday Night Ladies" join us on the boat on Saturday, I suggested canceling this particular Tuesday, but the girls wanted none of that. Elaina made it clear that it was "the first day of summer" so we all had to celebrate together. I never got the memo that that meant dressing up - which is why you'll find me in the back of these pictures as I was already in pj's.

It was a low key evening, highlighted by Heather's description of her solo road trip to California and how God romanced her through the journey. I love that gal. Stephie wasn't able to make last night - and Kimmie is faithfully serving at Harlow.

All in all, despite the slow start - the day turned out to be a wonderful way to kick off summer!


j.nelson said...

and julie is currently in Sri Lanka ;)

StephieAnne said...

Yes, yes you are - living it up in "The Jungle Book". We love you Julie!!!!