Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Little of This and a Little of That

Gosh, it's been a busy week and therefore you'd like to think the week has flown by, but instead it's been long. I've gone through a tank of gas and then some with all of that to and fro to camps and appointments, as well as getting Brayden up to Traig's so that he and Andrew could participate in a mid school event put on by Michele's church to take them all to "Sky High" - a trampoline paradise near Portland.

Currently, I'm sitting in Mark and Amy's kitchen - where I've been hanging out since the afternoon. Amy went to pick up all three of the boys this morning (Traig's opted to come to our house a day before his family came), but we are still hanging out as the boys have yet to separate from each other. Today is Andrew's thirteenth birthday and his ongoing request has to been to be able to continue hanging with Traig and Brayden. I can't say enough how great these three are together, it is something we as parents are all so incredibly thankful for.
Of course I'm not complaining about hanging out here either... I got to test out the Meyers' new hot tub, purchased to alleviate and provide therapy for Amy's daily neck pain, and I find myself covering. :). I also got to partake in the special Chinese food dinner Andrew asked for as well as the homemade lemon meringue pie Amy made while we chatted and caught up. Good times with GREAT friends on these splendid summer nights. Love it!

A couple of other tidbits:

I tried Zumba for the first time this week. I only tried it because Michele had confessed she went to one her sister in law led, and of course, "Anything Michele can do, I can do...." - especially when it comes to rhythm and dancing. So, it was fun, a lot of Latin music and a lot of shaking...which I can't say I'm especially skilled at. But, I think I like it enough to commit to the once a week class at our gym just to (literally) shake up my exercise routine a bit. :)

Here's some pictures of Mikayla at the two volleyball camps she attended Monday through Thursday over the last two weeks. The first one was at Northwest Christian University and she got to participate in that one with Kenady and Brailey.

The second camp was at South Eugene High School and she got to participate in that camp with Ellie. All three of these girls are so sweet and were all on her volleyball team last year, so it was pretty much ideal that she got special time in both camps with special friends.

(On the way home from camp, I took Kenady and Mikayla to Dairy Queen and then had to stop at the store...they were hilarious trying to fit into this car-cart)

(On Wednesday of this camp, I took Ellie and Mikayla to Yogurt Extreme and couldn't resist making them pose in front of the wildflowers)

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