Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Our Little River Otter

It's becoming a tradition around this time of year to find ourselves at wit's end in exasperation with our first-born. Now, let me put a caveat in right away - exasperation is a big word, and really in my use of it, it's meant to be a "shake your head and grumble in frustration...but almost break a smile while doing it" sort of way. That is Brayden. I have been trying very hard to upload a video I took at the zoo last week of river otters. I'm going to settle for giving you a similar link uploaded from Youtube.... All his life, we've referred to Brayden as an otter - that's his personality, he loves to play. However, it wasn't until I was trying to take a still picture of those goofy, adorable little creatures that I realized they don't even stay still long enough to snap a shot of, so I resorted to video. And, even that quality was sketchy - because you could hardly keep track of them - they were too busy making flips in the water and cruising along the glass watching all of the excited kids - and distracted by "anything shiny"! =)

It's currently not hard to keep track of Brayden. THANK GOD - that kiddo loves us, and wants so much still to just have an environment of play here around the house. Sometimes I wonder if John and I were even more playful, if he'd ever move out. However, Brayden keeping track of HIS stuff? UGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH! That's the problem, especially this time of year when the end of school (responsibility) is in sight.

"Brayden, why is that you have the second hole in a week in two different sweatshirts?"
"Brayden, did you LOOK for your Underarmor that you tell us someone stole at the pool?"
"Brayden, as you are now admitting you never really looked, can you call Kimmie to see if she sees it as she is probably still at the pool?"
"Brayden, for the 4th time, plug in your phone, we don't spend the money for it to sit at home, dead!"
"Brayden, FIND your phone charger!"
"Brayden (who's currently playing the harmonica to Sydney) - have you found your charger?"

Those phrases (and more) have all been uttered in the last 12 hours - and that's not even touching the whole school/homework/test prep issue.

I love that kid so much, how can you not, he is so LOVABLE! Sooooo playful - so ready to hug and wanting more than anything to get you to smile or laugh. But, sometimes, I wonder if those responses playful responses from me will end up being to the detriment of his future wife when she's ready to pull her hair out from his otter-like tendencies!

Here's a couple of shots, courtesy of Amy Fox, of him being an otter at Camp Harlow for a mid-school event last night...how timely. =)

P.S. - That cell phone charger? It was "miraculously" found my me...sitting right in the pile of electronic plug-in devices by the computer. So, we got his phone plugged in, and what do you know, but there it is - still plugged in to the charger, while Brayden is at school and off with a friend this afternoon - exactly the kind of situation where we wanted him to have a phone in the first place!!!!

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