Sunday, May 29, 2011

Bulldogs, Scrabble, and Snowfall

Today the weather did give us a break. Although the clouds have been ominous, I don't think it's rained today. We did, however, wake up with a nice dusting of snow all over the ground. CR-AZY!

As a result, we all bundled up and took our extended bike ride that led us to the park and then the outdoor Village Mall that has been significantly revamped over the last year. Along the way back, we saw this family of deer right next to the bike path....

And, while waiting for the entire group to come together, I got to meet this little charmer at the outdoor mall. Her name is Bella, and she gave me about 3 serious kisses, giving me the impression that she might just like me as much as I liked her....

There are a lot of pictures on John's camera and cell phone (currently dead) that I have yet to add - but these are from last night. I'm personally not much of a game player, but I love it when they happen and I can watch from nearby. This was a joint family effort of Scrabble. Apparently Michele absolutely schooled everyone else, and achieved a personal high score.

I thought this picture of Adam and Traig was just too precious.

And, more evidence of the absurd weather sure added to the enthusiasm level among the kids!


Tiffany said...

Man...that is one cute doggy!:)

Glad you guys are enjoying your stay!

sara said...

you know I LOVE games..however, I am not a big fan of scrabble..because I never win. ha! yes, I am "slightly" competitive. :)

That dog cracked me up!