Monday, June 06, 2011

Off to the Zoo

I have been a terrible mom when it comes to volunteering in Mikayla's classroom. Since I've tried to focus on being available to substitute I didn't want to commit to a certain day each week to help in the classroom. However, the one thing I did NOT want to miss out on was the third grade class' trip to the zoo.

Fortunately, Mikayla's trip landed on a day that was so much warmer than Brayden's. On that day with his class, we were taking turns trying to return feeling to our hands under the hot water faucet in the bathroom as it was SOOOO COLD! Today was perfect when it came to weather.

As there were so many kids (and blessedly, so many chaperones) - that they wanted each group to begin at different locations so we didn't all overlap. We got to begin with the primates - always very entertaining.

Then we moved on to Africa....I LOVE giraffes!

I love the way this lion fell asleep cuddling with the log...

After Africa, we got to eat - and Donna, the grandma of one of our girls, volunteered to stand in line (and purchase) Elephant Ears for our group....If you were to read this post, you'd know that I have a thing about Elephant Ears - and who knew that the some of the consistently best ones could be found all year long at our Portland Zoo? =)

By far, my favorite attraction at the zoo is the polar bear exhibit, we've just really scored some quality entertainment in our previous visits with these guys, and today was no exception. I wonder how long it would take for me to get bored watching them....I sure didn't find out today as the kids wanted to see more animals. Click here to see a video of one of our previous visits of this very entertaining guy.

I also love the pictures you can take of the sea lions - they love to come right up along the window - showing off to the eagerly watching kids.

We finished off our visit back in the "Great Northwest" (animals found in our own state) - how majestic is this bald eagle?

And, how cozy is this little black bear?

Of course, these critters were the most entertaining of all - and so excellent to tour the zoo with. It was a great day!

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