Friday, June 24, 2011

Roll Call! (And Gift Card Give-Away!)

I was going to wait for some symbolic big number of posts or something to do this, but curiosity has gotten the best of me. This marks my 1560th post....phew! That's a lot of blog writing.

I know why I write it, and why I read it - I've said it before and you can link to the left column in more of a detailed explanation of why I blog, but pretty much it's just for my family's sake. I'm kind of obsessive about keeping a history of what we've done in our life (though my lack of scrapbooks or baby books would tell a different story) - so in 2005 I took the plunge and quickly determined that keeping a family blog was not only fun for me, but the perfect answer as to how to chronicle the activities of our family's lives. (Eventually, each year gets turned into a book with the help of an online site called "Blurb").

But, for the life of me, I honestly wonder what part of the details of my life make it worth "following" for those 62 of you now, that happen to have signed up as official "Followers"?

I never want to get in a place where I am writing for any more of an audience than just my family, so it would be great to get to know some of you, so I feel like it's "online friends" that are stopping by, vs. merely strangers. I'm pretty good at swinging by your site if you "reveal yourself" on mine - and am always loving new places to "lurk" myself (though I do try and comment most of the time).

So, here's the challenge - to ANY readers (not just the "Followers") - leave me a comment! Tell me something about yourself - anything, where you are from, if you blog, whatever you want. And, in a week (next Friday, the 1st), I'll put the names of all the folks who commented in a basket and draw one - and send out a gift card to that person (when I draw the winner I'll let you all know, and if that's you, you can email me your address). I'm thinking $5 at Dairy Queen because that's a place that just screams summer good-times to us, but you are welcome to suggest another gift card locale in your comment if you want (sorry, though, despite any suggestions, the amount is going to stay at $ bribery attempts only go so far!)

Happy commenting, new friends!

P.S. - My blog allows for anonymous comments, so if you don't have your own account, don't let that stop you. However, I am not really into using my comments space as an advertisement for something you are looking to sell, so if that's your plan, unfortunately, I'll probably delete it.


sara said...

well, you know who I am!! I love your blog and actually have missed reading it over the last 2 weeks...I plan to rectify that over vacation!!!

As much as I LOVE DQ, we sadly do not have one in LR! :( We do have Baskin Robbins though!!!

Susan said...

You know a little bit about me, but here's a little bit more. I am trying to comment as my one year old curiously looks on and tries to touch every button. I have four sisters, no brothers. I am the second to last one. I am very athletic. I love all kinds of sports. I am looking forward to watching the Mexico vs. US Gold Cup soccer game on Saturday. Okay, I think that is a lot of information. Sorry if it is too much. Okay have a great day!

StephieAnne said...

I think I'll wait to purchase the card until I draw the name, as long as we have the place here in my town, I will get that for you, Sara - that would be Baskin and Robbins! And, welcome Susan - oh, a one year old, I miss those days, but have loved each year as it's gone by. =)

Tiffany said...

Hmmmm....something you don't already know about me....
1) I'm almost 6'
2) I shake one leg when sitting or going to sleep....VERY annoying to someone sitting beside
3) I do not know how to drive a manual/stick vehicle

Okay, there you go.....I bet you didn't know these things:D

Darcy said...

I love blog giveaways!! :) Well, I'm a follower of your blog and although I don't always read it word for word, I skim it and keep up with what's going on in your life. I love hearing your perspective on life and your family. I'm getting good ideas on what to do with my kids when I'm a parent someday :) Thanks for taking the time to document what's going on, and for being REAL. Love ya, Steph!

Oh and something about me.....I have flat feet...did you know that? haha.

april said...

Hi! My name is April. I live in a very small town in Ohio. I found your blog through a friend's blog. I don't blog, but am getting more and more interested. I enjoy reading your thoughts and love how often you post. Thanks for the peak into your Cozy family.

Ladybug grandma said...

I am also known as Stephanie White's Mom. I am grandma to 2 beautiful girls. Abby age 3 and Hannah age 2. Any day now, #3 will be joining us. I blog, "Ladybug Garden" but I must admit, since facebook, I don't keep it up. I read your blog because you are a big part of Travis and Stephanie's life and I get to keep up on what they are doing! I have enjoyed watching your family grow up in front of my eyes!

Shanna said...

Hi Stephanie,
You already know me, but I came across your blog a few years ago through a link from someone else's blog. With 3 little ones under 3, I'm terrible at commenting (sorry!) but I enjoy following what your family is up to & I like the variety of your posts. My oldest is 10 so your posts about Brayden give me a glimpse of what to expect in a few years with him.

I've had a family blog for 5 yrs, and you are welcome to check it out. Tell John I said hi, by the way. :)


Anonymous said...

You know me and I read in order to keep up with a friend who I don't see very often but still care about what is going on in their life and how they are doing.

What you may not know about me...let's see, it would have to be something recent and something I haven't blogged about lately...I'm going to the beach next week? :)

stephietoo said...

Stephie and her family are Travis's and my very best friends, so, unfortunately, I don't think there is anything that Stephanie doesn't know about me. But maybe some of the other followers don't know that I am absolutely terrified of anything in costume or in 'character'. (Jodi, I know that you know that about me, especially after getting to witness it at the Emerald's game last weekend with Sluggo.)

I absolutely love going back and reading posts from years ago and shedding a tear that those two little babies have grown up so fast. I love you guys, and couldn't imagine Travis's and my life without you. -stephie

Lydia said...

I make it here to stay up to date will all the fun things you and your beautiful are up to. Stephanie and I lived together for a year in college, and I'll always have great memories from our time together. Now, about me - I work full time for JB Instant Lawn and our family is getting very hopeful that a house we have had an offer on since February might actually be ours in August.