Saturday, June 04, 2011

On the Road to Summer

Pretty dazzling, huh? (I have to give away a little secret with these extra color-rich pictures that we occasionally post - John has an HDR app on his I-phone that he uses when taking these pictures - it's a little bit of a process to capture the image, but oh how vibrant the picture turns out):

That picture was taken at the conclusion of our family date-night. Our first stop was at Red Robin - where, after having fasted in preparation for the doctor's appt. (blood draw), a little indulgence was enjoyed. Our wonderful waitress, Alysha, introduced herself as someone who was at a recent CCF leadership night we attended (another post I need to put up) - she was someone you immediately felt like you'd want to be friends with, so I made the first step by befriending her on Facebook. =)

The second phase of our date was watching this in 3D (impressive 3D qualities, so for us, it was worth the upgrade). I had no doubts the movie would be enjoyable, but had definitely underrated his potential of being so laugh out loud entertaining. Great laughs, message, and all around perfect family viewing. SKADOOSH!!!

So, back to that first picture. As we walked out of that theater, it was still WARM (it was a strange sensation at 8:45pm, a little eerie for us Oregonians who last week saw snow). It felt like SUMMER and we are so CLOSE! It makes me SOOOOOOO HAPPY!!!!

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Tiffany said...

I'm so thankful for your good doctor's report!:)

Mikayla did an awesome job on her school project. WTG, Mikayla!!!!

The family date night....well, I'm jealous!:))))

Have a great weekend!!!

{I'm really hoping this posts. I have been having such a horrible time posting to blogs lately}