Thursday, June 16, 2011

Not Quite Extreme Couponing, But....

Last night the television kind of found itself on the TLC Channel. It was set to DVR a show I wasn't really watching* and then "Extreme Couponing" came on. I've watched the program before and despite my semi fascination, have come to realize I do not have the drive nor the storage space to ever consider embarking full force into that hobby. Last night was the most impressive episode I've seen, with the first woman purchasing over $3000 worth of groceries for about $43. The neat thing about her was her ambition to give much of the products away to food banks, hundreds of boxes of cat food to a local pet shelter, as well as opening her home storage to her children's families so they can "grocery shop" at no cost. Very cool.

As for my coupon ambitions, they are much less altruistic - I have to put that out there right now. I mean, yes, we really do enjoy having lots of food available for anyone who comes over - it's kind of our favorite outward love language to feed people as soon as they walk in the door - but, right now my goal is entertainment. More specifically, going to the movies.

Summer equals blockbuster movies which equals popcorn goodness and candy and all around happy endorphins (which also equals weight gain, but I won't spoil that fun right now). But, these movies (which often include an extra 3D cost) times four in our family - well, it's not cheap. The movie theater that we like the most in town is actually significantly cheaper that the other one at the "better mall" - but even knocking a couple of bucks off each of the ticket, popcorn, and soda prices - you can easily look at $50 a visit for our family to head to the movies.

So, I get a bit obsessive when I see movie coupon offers. At different times, we've seen Disney use Kelloggs to advertise their Pixar movies with deals - and that's the case right now. If you gather a coupon code from four specially marked Kelloggs cereals, you can earn yourself $5 in "Concession Cash". That's always nice - knowing you can actually save a bit of money when you buy your $6 bucket of popcorn and $4 beverage. (Ugh!) Our family LOVES cold cereal and I can't say I'm overly discriminating about what kinds as it's often eaten as a treat. So, Kelloggs works for us. =)

Then, Safeway's flyer on Wednesday advertised a free (up to $12) movie ticket coupon at the register for use on any movie at any theater with the purchase of five specially marked Kellogg's products. AND, many of those cereals are on significant sale. AND, the Kellogg's website has additional coupons for these cereals. AND, Safeway all0ws for those coupons to be doubled. So, pretty much I was able to purchase 5 boxes of family-favorite cereals for less than $2 each - while netting $17 in very valuable certificates towards cinema movie viewing/concession purchasing. (Not to mention spending $75 in a single transaction at Safeway nets you a $ .20 discount per gallon of gas if you purchase it at their pumps....).

Needless to say, a stop off at Safeway has been a part of every errand run I've taken today and yesterday. I've already netted 3 movie tickets - and 3 $5 certificates for concessions. We've also got enough cereal to last for a while (or you'd'd be surprised in this house). Not to mention, I've begun using Dixie Cups and cereal as my "sub treat" when I visit classrooms - so any leftovers come September can be used in that capacity too.

Like I said, I'm definitely not worthy of a television crew following me around, but for this week, at least, I've been feeling pretty "coupon savvy". =)

* I stayed home with a bad headache from was a wise move as it got way worse - fortunately just a neck muscle tension issue as the overheating problem is a thing of the past, but I definitely need to figure out a better pain/sleep management system.


Tiffany said...

Couponing just blows my!!:))) To me, it's just WORK and that's the last thing I need right now...way to busy.

Enjoy that movie;)

Jodi said...

I have realized that the older I get, the more I value my free time, and I'm not willing to waste it to save money at this point in my life. (Within reason, of course.) Meaning, I will spend the extra to buy all my groceries in one place instead of driving all over town for the deals, etc. I do, however, coupon for things that matter to me, like you said.

Also, I really try to only buy what I need, and 30 bottles of mustard for free doesn't qualify. ;) (When someone tried to sell me on couponing, they used that example. No thanks!)

StephieAnne said...

Yeah, for sure - really, 80 bottles of hot sauce? That just seems like a massive waste of space to me. So, that's where that one episode actually made me appreciate all of her efforts more when her food stores were being used by other people rather than becoming kind of a storage/accumulation obsession.

That being said, every now and then, these little deals (the movie coupons) help to justify the "fun" that I cringe paying full price for - so the adventure in pursuing it is part of the big prize.

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