Tuesday, June 07, 2011

S'More Good Times!

Last night was so much fun! It was wonderful company, toasted marshmallows, and trampoline flips - it was yet another Tuesday night gathering of EIGHT AMAZING LADIES (There's nine of us including me) that remind me each week how blessed I am because God wanted this to happen - and at least in this, I listened! (Originally, I just planned on attending a Womens' Study and didn't like the idea at all of giving up an evening, not to mention being in charge).

Our evening began at Johnny Oceans, picked partly for the food, partly for the LivingSocial deal I scored, and mostly because of its outdoor seating in the beautiful Oakway mall courtyard. Unfortunately, despite a forecast that called for otherwise, it was quite cold.

I wish this picture was just a bit clearer - it's all nine of us - such beautiful ladies inside and out. The original reason for eating out was to honor Susanna's upcoming birthday (top far left) and Kimmie's (top second to far right) last meeting for the summer as she'll be out at Camp Harlow.

We returned to my house (sadly, sans Heather who had to prepare and pack for her big upcoming roadtrip) for some S'mores and fun. I passed out jackets and wool socks to keep everyone warm. I don't know how I feel about Courtney and Kaela making these jackets look better on them than me....

There was some major jumping going on at the trampoline -

Courtney waited patiently for her turn to jump solo - so she could do this: (Kaela scored this photo)

Two pictures of our group - one with Kaela's camera - and not everyone looking this way - and one with our wide angle...

The kids returned home from their date with daddy to jump right into the s'more making. Note Christi with the hood on the left - she had asked for a beanie so that her hair which had been all brushed out, curled and was lookin' beautiful - would not smell like smoke the next day. Actually, Christi was picked on a lot last night as she's the most "girlie" of the group - shooing away the smoke, cutting down the idea of camping (she prefers a 5 star hotel), etc. We love her so much, it's just fun to pick on her...

This was were many of us found ourselves by the end of the evening....definitely feeling the love.

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Stacy said...

Your life seems so fun, and adventurist! You're quite lucky.