Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers Day!

In an effort to be purposely repetitious, this was the Facebook Status Update I put on my wall a few hours ago:

"At 'Off the Waffle' celebrating our own super hero - HAPPY FATHERS DAY John Riley!"

We'd never been to "Off the Waffle" before. John is usually more of a meat and eggs kind of breakfast eater, but now that he's eating in a leaner way (more Weight Watchers vs. Atkins) he wanted to splurge his points on something like pancakes and fruit (or waffles) vs. the heavy stuff. We did a little wandering and brainstorming and eventually found ourselves at this very popular "hole in the wall" on the south side of town. As evidenced by the line and the wait for tables, it has become quite popular - their delicious waffles are crunchy on the outside and sweet and soft on the inside - with lots and lots of offerings on what to put on top.

I opted for the strawberry chocolate chip variety - and no, I did not blow my whole days worth of "points" on all that whip cream (I reserve that kind of splurging for theater popcorn!). It was quite delicious though. I'm not sure if we'll be returning, however - atmosphere is a big part of a dining experience for us, and this one didn't really offer much of that.

The rest of the day for John has/will include(d) golfing with Brayden, watching the "US Open" on tv, and getting his free pizza at Pappa's. =)

Not to ignore the other special father in my life - this was my post to him on Facebook:

"Happy Fathers Day set the bar so high, its no wonder we have such outstanding husbands as we knew what to look for... love you so much and look forward to seeing you on Wednesday!"

We are combing Mothers and Fathers Day with him and Mom on Wednesday night when the Schillings are down - so I'll make sure I post some family pictures then. =)

I'm one blessed woman with such amazing men in my life - there's no doubt about it!

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