Sunday, June 12, 2011

Boat Test Run

This morning started out looking and feeling just like summer. We slept in (that Wednesday night service is awfully nice on Sunday mornings!) - and there was a smell and warmth in the air that was so inviting - not to mention the blue skies.

But now, at 6:07 pm, the skies are dark gray and the rain is COMING DOWN. I don't think this was predicted....lucky us (ugh)!

Oh well, I'm glad we didn't know it was coming, otherwise we would not have made our spontaneous trip out to Cottage Grove lake to make sure "Dory" (the nickname I've given to our boat....) was ready to go for the summer.

John had spent most of Saturday getting her ready (while I was at Michele's) - and she was indeed ready to go. We were so excited that the Whites had agreed to go with us - and all actually got a good chuckle in when we realized a third of the way there that we had neglected to even pack a wakeboard. I was the only one even considering it, and after feeling the water temperature upon arriving, was glad I had the excuse to NOT get in. (The water level at the lake is indeed very high from all the water we've had - but yet to warm up from the lack of hotter temperatures).

Instead, we used the time spinning the boat around, giving everyone inside kind of the feel of what it's often like in the innertube. The lake was EMPTY - so we had plenty of room and glassy water to play in. The sun did even emerge from the clouds (kind of) for about an hour worth of relaxation on the boat. Then, we felt a few drops, brought the boat in, and by the time we'd reached our routine stop off point, Dairy Queen, en route to home - it was pouring. Perfect timing, and perfect test run. =)

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j.nelson said...

i miss this.