Sunday, June 26, 2011


This morning, I want to give a shout out to some superstars in my life. What they do defies my imagination in terms of the discipline and talent it requires, which is why they deserve a little credit on "The Cozy Corner" today.

First up: John's twin brother, Jeff
.Within the hour he will be completing the Western States Endurance Run - that's 100 miles of running, folks - in the Squaw Valley of California, very rugged terrain and this year a lot of extra snow on those mountain trails. He's been running for over 24 hours, is that not insanely impressive or what? His wife, Laura, had committed to pacing the last seven miles with him, so right now they are probably running side by side on this journey going for the finish line. Kind of symbolic of the whole big picture of life and marriage, huh?

I can't emphasize enough how extraordinarily proud we are of Jeff and this momentous accomplishment and the dedication he and Laura have put in to make it happen.

Secondly: Cyrus Hostetler

On Friday night, Cyrus competed in the Track and Field Nationals that took place right here in Eugene. He came in third in the nation in javelin! He has a chance to compete in worlds, but his bigger ambition is to be back here in Eugene at this next year for Eugene's hosting of the Track and Field Olympic Trials. Yes, sirree - he'll be one of three folks we know that, Lord willing, will be participating in that event - which leads me to....

#3: Heather Spinney

I just had to throw her name out there as that's where she plans on being too. Competing for the Olympics, our own little Heather from our own little Tuesday Night Ladies.

I love this picture of her and Kelli and Brian cheering on Cyrus as he did his celebration lap:
So, way to go, SUPERSTARS, just know that no matter where you end up placing on the reader board, you are 100% winners to us!

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