Friday, July 01, 2011

And the Winner Is.....

Literarygirl! Aka...Jodi. I just drew her name out of the bowl from the ten of you who left a comment on my blog post.

This is quite serendipitous as Jodi is the one who introduced me to blogging to begin with, and, as a result of her blog - eventually I began my own. So, Jodi - who is currently as the beach, hopefully loving life - you'll have to email, facebook, text or whatever social media you'd like to use - your preference for a gift card!

Thank you for all of you who left a comment - and how fun it was to "meet" April and Susan - Susan, I'm eager to continue reading your blog and April, if you ever decide to "take the plunge" and start a blog of your own, please leave me a comment so I can find it and leave a comment for you!

As for some of the other comment-ers, I'll give you a quick 411. Sara and Tiffany are my "friends" from Arkansas and Georgia respectively - I talk to my family all the time about things that they write about and I am honored by the prayers they've said on my behalf...even though we've never met. Friends made through blogging - how awesome is that!

Stephietoo is Stephanie White - wife of Travis and our family's bffs. Ladybug Grandma is Steph's mom. Their family just grew by one today as Stephanie's sister had a baby girl just a few hours ago! =)

Shanna is a sweetheart that worked as a bookkeeper for John a LONG time ago, when John ran "Riles Audio" - he installed phones, stereos, and security systems in cars.

Darcy is a UO graduate - who will be returning to the Trinity House this year to be one of the "House Moms". Darcy is truly one of the dearest people I know - and spent much of last year in England, Ireland, and South America with YWAM.

Lydia and I go back the farthest - we went to college together and I spent my last year and a term living with her. We are quite similar in personality, and she's someone I've cried with, laughed with, prayed with, despaired with, and rejoiced with. I'm so thankful that, though we have spent far too little time together over the years, whenever we do get together, we pick up right where we left off. Love you Lydia.

Today is July 1st - the fun has begun folks! I'm currently watching "Unknown" with the Schillings - and the days ahead offer so much promise of fun! Yippee!

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Anonymous said...

Woo hoo! How fun! Can I choose Starbucks? I doubt that screams Summer to you, but I love the Passion Iced Tea. :) Thank you!