Tuesday, December 01, 2009

"I'm the Happiest Christmas Tree, Ho Ho Ho, Hee, Hee Hee"

Am I the only person that remembers this song? I was singing it in the company of these college gals and they had never heard it........

On Sunday, in the afternoon - we went for our annual tree-hunting adventure at Campbell's Tree Farm. In contrast to our usual visits, this time it took a while to find our tree. Finding the perfect tall noble, in the right shade of green - well, the tree was a little elusive.

But, our spirits were bright- as documented by these pics:

Even though I can't stand my expression in this pic, I had to post it because John was asking for us to pose for this while the attendant was cutting our tree - and then the tree nearly fell on us. If it didn't push it forward....well, the next picture John snapped wouldn't have been very cute!

Each year we get two trees - one for the living room that I decorate - and one in the "bonus room" that the kids decorate. I think they did a good job, although it was a little bottom heavy from where they couldn't reach the top branches.
That evening - the smell from the trees were so overwhelming - oh how I love that!!!

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