Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Snowed In

At about this point in our Sunriver adventure, the hard reality that "this will all end soon" starts to set in. We depart early on Friday (so we can be home in time to catch the Rose Bowl - GO DUCKS!), so tomorrow will be our last full day. It will also involve a bit of packing up and perhaps some rain....(a major storm is coming in and we are hoping the precipitation continues to come down as snow, but it's looking a bit sketchy), so today is really the last full day of totally absorbing the vacation.

We deliberated on heading to the sled hill, but figured every other guest in Sunriver would also be there, so we opted on booting the kids outside to do their own non-sledding snow play and hole up in our house. The day was gorgeous, the snow continued until nearly noon and then brilliant blue skies illuminated all of the white to make it all sparkle.

Sydney can't get enough of this white stuff. I found myself amused on plenty of occasions in the hot tub when I'd make a snowball and she'd eat it out of my hand.

This is the chain leading water down the roof - as well as the dog tie we use to let the dogs out front.

If given the opportunity, both dogs would have happily jumped into the hot tub. We found out that Baxter did indeed "make the leap" yesterday when just the kids were playing in the hot tub- Nati confessed that little fact this afternoon.

Once it got dark, (and the kids and dogs had all found other sources of amusement), Michele hung out for a vast length of time. She practically lives out there.....

Here are some of the obligatory "Mikayla opening birthday presents" pics. I still can't believe my youngest is now eight. =(

One thing's for sure, with all of this opportunity for play time, our four-legged family members spend a big chunk of their time demonstrating "dog tired".

One of the presents that the girls received under the tree here was a "Paint by Numbers" set that they worked on this afternoon.

Okay, maybe Michele isn't the only who loves the hot tub.......

Hope you all are looking forward to your New Year's Eve and New Year's Day festivities.......


sara said...

Ok, I am not up for snow and don't miss it BUT I love sitting in a hot tub with the snow coming down!!! That would be where I park myself till I was pruny!!!

Enjoy your last day!

j.nelson said...

I honestly am speechless.. thinking about your concerns going into the vaca.. shoot dang steph.. "sigh" looks so great!