Monday, December 28, 2009

Sage Springs, Snow Suits, and Motostorm

Today was "Spa Day" for the girls. It's an indulgence we have a hard time justifying every year, but a source of such happiness, we just couldn't resist. We really tried to emphasize to our guys this year to have all the fun they could - no worries about messes, we wanted them to enjoy their day with the responsibility of the kids as much as they could.

Apparently (and expectedly), the kids were a non-issue - all of them having the merry fun that they do just being together and having all of the entertainment sources that they have at their disposal.

The guys did their share of gaming too - this is shot of Travis, Traig, and John playing Motorstorm.

And, a sweet one of the girls - all geared for the snow (we feel so blessed with the weather here - tomorrow is supposed to bring more snow and the temps haven't been above freezing - apparently, the day we leave, New Years Day - is the day they are expecting rain). God, thank You for your perfect timing and this gift to us!

And, here's an annual shot of the trio of us, happy as clams, spending our day divided into three ways.

Part one: in the hot tub (shown below), reading our books and chatting. Part two: eating our carefully selected "home lunch" of all of our favorite foods in the Tranquility Room. And Part three: receiving our service. Mine was called "Nirvana for the Back". It was a good day for a treatment as the headaches have been on the not-so-good side lately.

Tomorrow is Mikayla's birthday, and with it will come a trip to Bend to do some bowling. Our last day with a seven year old......sigh.........


j.nelson said...

WHhhhhhhh--aAT!?!!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? holy moses woman! That looks amazing

Family O'Foxes said...

That looks like so much fun. :)
What are you reading this year? Was it last year that you read the Twilight Series or maybe that was at a different time that you posted about reading those books.

I wish we would get some snow here.

StephieAnne said...


Wow! Good memory! Last year was the Twilight Series! I haven't found the ideal book this year, but kept myself content with "A Countess Below Stairs" yesterday...Need a new good book today - time to turn to Michele as she always has ample supply!

And, yes, longing for snow back home too!