Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ruthie B's

I am so stuffed! I just returned from our second annual gathering at Ruthie B's - a beautiful antique store and tea/restaurant. I purposely arrived 15 minutes early just to walk around and soak it all in - to appreciate all of their beautiful Christmas decor and the blessed opportunity to have tea and a White Elephant exchange with 8 wonderful women (and several others who weren't able to make it.).

I was able to make a new friend, Tammy, today as well - always a great thing to have happen. In addition, Steph H. was new to Ruthie B's - so it was great to watch her take it all in.

Two fantastic days in a row with these girlfriends of mine. The first - a day of service and giving, the second - a day of indulgence and taking (as in stealing White Elephant gifts).

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Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Your pictures are great. There are new tree pictures up on the holiday blog...and I am loving looking through all the beautiful decorations on the Home Tour...Just need a few free hours...