Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Box Full o' Buckets of Goodies......

I was laughing with Michele that it's kind of odd that while she's at my house - she bakes....and when I was at her house today, I baked in her kitchen. I think the major reason being that when I'm in my own house, there are always so many other things screaming for my attention and vise versa.

This is a picture of Michele making special "sandwich style" of sugar cookies with the girls. Pretty cute....

Meanwhile the boys were happy to check out with "Sly Cooper".

And, speaking of cookies, John's mom just stopped by with her annual box full o' buckets of goodies. Oh yummmm, right in time to take to Sunriver. Honestly, there's no place you can buy, and no way I can replicate, the amazing toffee she makes each year. John would say the same about her Chocolate Crinkles.

We owe her a big apology though, as she sat in our driveway waiting for one of us to be home this early evening. Unfortunately, John went straight from work to save us seats to see the "Alvin and the Chipmunks Squeakuel". (It was super cute, even more so because our man, Zachary Levi - aka "Chuck", had a big role in it). Leona ended up driving all the way back over to our house once we got home as she'll be taking off to Mary Beth's tomorrow. Thank you Leona, you're the best!

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