Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Holiday Open House

The plan was to open up my home to all of the college girls that I had yet to bond with so that I could get to know them in my home in kind of a group setting. Given my interest in Christmas and coziness, I figured I'd work with those themes in establishing an invite. When I put it up on Facebook, 28 ladies RSVP'd "yes" they'd be here - in order to sit by the fire - cut out and decorate cookies, eat!, and create gift bags or tags.......

So far, the ONLY college student (by 1:15) in attendance is my buddy Julie - the rest of my company is Steph H., Lisa Q., and Kaela and Kelli - who are both out of college. Hmmmmmm, I might need to re-examine my expectations more appropriately next time before buying out Michaels and baking so much good food that will not help me out one little iota into getting into the semi-formal outfit for Saturday night's Harlow Auction.

But, God knows who needed to be here- and why - and apparently "Dead Week" isn't as "dead" at the UofO as expected either. At any rate, the company in my presence right now is just perfect...so there you go - the event was a success!

Blog Postscript: It is now 7:48, and I just read Julie and Sara's sweet comments (Blog friends are the best....I've got such an amazing support group...'tis the best!). Anyway, as evidenced by these additional pics - a handful more showed up and the last couple of hours were a riot of sharing stories, laying on each other, and decorating cookies. Truly it was a wonderful way to end the event and I'm very thankful for getting to know some of these gals even better.

I have to admit though, that this evening I ended up losing it anyway. I was just so emotionally spent - and days of sleep deprivation will do that to you. It wasn't even about the event - I was ready to cry this morning just getting ready for it - like I said, it was just life being a little over the top. Poor Mikayla followed me in to my bedroom and knelt down next to me. I tried to explain I wasn't upset at anyone and then she gently asked...."Are you sad, Mommy?" "No, honey, I'm just so tired". It was probably a good moment for us to have together - for her to kind of store in her memory banks so she knows it's okay to happen. I don't "lose it" like that all that often, and sometimes you just kind of need to, you know? Especially when the emotions have all been on such a "high" for a while - it's like I need to bottom out for just a little bit to reboot. So, there you go - all in all - it seems God had it perfectly planned for me to happen the way it did.


j.nelson said...

Steph, it was amazing! It might not have been how you expected.. but it was just the company,setting,feel that I loved! Thanks so much for opening up your home to us and putting so much effort and time into the fun crafts and amazing... i mean AMAZING treats! As always it was a great cozy day at your house! Love you!

sara said...

I would so be there! of course, I am not in college either...but I would have loved it!

what really matters is that you were obedient and available to open up your home...and God sees that!

We have a New Years Day open house every year. We open it up to the church and never know if we will have 25 or 105 (have had both in the past). It used to really stress me out, but I am now at a place where I know it is God's party and he will bring the ppl who need to be there and there will be enough food. It always works.

btw, how are things going with your son?

Growin' with it! said...

you are always such an incredible post stephanie! looks warm, inviting and wonderful!

Growin' with it! said...

PFF..meant "host"