Sunday, December 06, 2009

Camp Harlow Auction

Last night we attended the Camp Harlow Auction. This year it was dubbed a "semi-formal" event, so it was kind of nice to have it in the schedule line-up to keep me mindful not to eat the hundreds of cookies and treats I'm baking this week.

Unfortunately, the temps were in the 30's little "backless number" had me quite chilled through the night. Oh well, the price for fashion.

What the committee did to turn Camp Harlow's gym into a Winter Wonderland was remarkable. It was so festive, so gorgeous - and John and I actually walked away with a couple of good deals that we won our bids on.

We sat at a table with the Whites, the Quigleys - and Kenady's folks: Chris and Jonna Leighton. It was fun to have them there to experience it all with us, not to mention enjoying their company.

All in all, a great evening - more to come on what kind of mischief the kids got into when they were left with their "babysitters"......


j.nelson said...
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j.nelson said...

mischief.. come on!

sara said...

wow, you guys clean up real good!!! :)

can't wait to hear about the mischief...I can only imagine!