Monday, November 30, 2009

I'm Still Here!

Goodness, this week is CRAZY!!! I have so many posts with tons of pics ready to load up (Christmas tree hunting, Brayden playing soccer, some amazingly fun dog pics.....), but no time to do it all.

Tomorrow, I have potentially 30 people (the number that have RSVP'd) walking through the door of my home to an "Open House" I'm hosting for the college students during Dead Week at the UofO. I have a ton of craft items I've purchased for them to make their own "gift bags". I have all sorts of frostings and icings (and tools to use them) to decorate sugar cookies. And, of course, there's the food - that I've spent all day making.

And, that leaves me with no time to clean....which is where my favorite person of the day comes in - Lisa. She volunteered last week to come "really clean" my house today while I bake....and boy did she do that. I told her that she was totally speaking (more like shouting!) my love language....I'm telling you, that girl can clean- and oh how happy that makes me.

Anyhow - that's where I'm at, by tomorrow, I'll have even more to write and post pictures about - but, at least you know I'm still alive - and living the crazy, happy life that comes this time of year!

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