Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Cherry Crepes, Swedish Blintzes, and Dollar Pancakes

Today we headed back to Original Pancake House. How great that this has become a "Christmas Countdown Calendar Tradition" because I just love eating here. So do both of my kids, though their eyes were just a big bigger than their appetites - it's a good thing I overrode their requests and made them split their cherry crepes order.....neither one was able to finish it.

It was a very busy day there. Apparently, we weren't the only ones with this in mind. In the second picture, seated behind our table is the UO Basketball team (the restaurant is quite close to campus). It was wild watching these guys walk in, they are SO tall!

Mom was able to join us - my attempt to make it up to her for skipping out on that second performance of the Nutcracker here in Eugene. (She was able to take her best friend - and had a fantastic time). All three of us "adults" had a great time "absorbing the moment" - as each of us is feeling pretty good on where we stand with the holiday preparation. We also quizzed mom on what her favorite activities were that she put in our Countdown Calendar. Her answer, "the fun ones". Oh gosh, Mom, thanks for elaborating! We love laughing with Mom about her lack of memory of things we remember vividly. (It's always been this way, so there is no worry about any concerning issues....) =)

Meanwhile, the kids worked on their "Search for Santa" books - and drawing pictures. Ellie was proud of her cross-eyed Santa. The funny thing is that Ellie's need for glasses is partly due to a myopia that causes her to be semi-cross-eyed without the glasses. She is just too cute.


Anonymous said...

Why am I always hungry after I read your posts? :-)

sara said...

what a fun tradition. Have you posted on your count down calendar? that sounds like such a great idea. does it change every year?

StephieAnne said...

Bonnie - yes, this is a dangerous time of year for eating......

Sara - no, I've never actually written a direct post about it. When we were little, Mom made a Countdown Calendar for us (a big ol' Santa made out of felt). Originally, she put candies in each day, but didn't feel like that was special enough. So, one year, she decided to put a scroll in each pocket that told us of a special activity we'd do that day. It was the best thing ever for us. We laughed that there were a few "lame ones" - like work on the embroidery project, or even clean out your closet! But, there were also some really special surprises - like going snowmobiling with friends to pick up our Christmas tree, or going up to Portland to go ice skating.

So, since the time our kids have been old enough to understand, we've done that too. Yes, they change every year. And certainly some of the week days can be challenging to come up with fun ideas. But, it is the first thing the kids ask to do every morning and I think it's a big part of what makes Christmas more of a "season to celebrate" for us vs. just a day..... =)