Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Morning at Our House

Every Christmas morning, we aim to capture the image of the kids catching sight of the presents under the tree. While this one was a little fuzzy, I think the kids' faces were so priceless...

Sydney was semi-able to unwrap her bone, and then, as usual when presented with this gift, paced around the house with it. She is so worried that someone will take it away from her, that she's eager to try to find a place to bury it. It's really quite precious (and hilarious).

Everyone was in an exceptional mood on Christmas morning - it ran just as smooth as one would dream for.

This is a picture of Brayden opening a Schutt DNA football helmet. He was so excited, even though we think his noggin might fit an XL vs. a Large. No surprise there.....

And, this image is great..... He was a bit confused as to why his video game was on a PS3 format in contrast to his PS2 and figured we'd made a mistake.

Simultaneously, John opened this and the above picture showed Brayden catching sight of it.

And, just as that final present was being opened, the timer rang to go and enjoy this for breakfast. A perfect morning - combined with some precious conversation around the table - a perfect start to Christmas day!

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sara said...

so fun!!! isn't great when you can surprise them like that. It gets harder the older they get.

I still can't believe my kids didn't like the dutch babies! that looks so good!!!